What tests are abnormal with PLS?

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Aug 6, 2005
Do you have lesions on brain or spinal cord w/PLS?

I have 3 abnormal EVPs
1 lesion on spine
Slowly declining use of legs
Arms are beginning to be affected
Foot drop
Positive Babinski

I cannot be diagnosed w/ MS because only one lesion, but TM is unlikely because decline continues. I was wondering if PLS is a possibility. Thanks
Spinal Tap or (lumbar Puncture ) test for MS. Evoked Potentials doesnt hold up to EMG or MRI or Spect Scan .Alot of reasons for latent EVPs .I would look into Family Med History .Your Doc should have done MRI, EMG Maybe ? Your not too specific on outcomes ,are the legs spastic ? Do you have Clonus ?Age? Doctors probable Diag . Geo
Sorry I wasn't more clear

Sx started in 04 when I was 34: Fatigue, tripping (drop foot), muscle spasms in legs. Sxs have moved into arms. They feel heavy. I am having muscle spasms now in feet, legs, buttocks, lower - mid back, hands, and arms. I have postitive Babinski. PT says my tone continues to increase (which I thought initially was a good thing, but apparently is not.) The tone is so bad that they can fit me for the AFO's.

Tests include:

Lp - negative
2 MRI's - first one negative, second one lesion C-7
3 EVP - abnormal
EMG/NCV - abnormal
VEP - Optice Neuritis, but not due to demeylination

I don't know what clonus is, so I can't answer that. When my MRI was clear I was diagnosed w/ CIDP, but I am now officailly diagnosed as probable MS, but as time goes along that becomes less likely. I continue to decline so they do not think it was TM. I don't know where to turn.

I read about PLS and thought the was the sx progress sounds like my case, but I didn't know if lesions occur on MRI's w/ PLS.

Thanks for any help.
Spinal Tap will prove MS i had 2 done Geo
no definate test for upper mnd, in mnd mris are normal and are done to rule out ms etc. i have same as you but progressive muscle weakness and hypotonicity(loss of muscle tone)plus slight bulbar symptoms.hypotonicity is a lmn sign, so do i have pls or als. clonus/myoclonus is what i get its when a limb or one side /both side of body twitches
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