What symptoms made you start to wonder?

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Oct 16, 2007
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My grandfather died from ALS and my mom probably has it (my parents refuse to discuss it) so I may be more sensitive about the disease. Will anyone tell me what their initial symptoms were? I know many have twitching, tripping....but has anyone been walking or running and although your legs are not tired, they just decide they want a rest, although your brain telling them to keep going? sort of like they are not connected to your body and have a mind of their own? Am I making sense? Thanks - I'm new to this and while I'm doing a ton of research on my own, I'd rather speak with people.:?:
I have had the same symptoms you have just described. The muscles are not necessarily tired but feel numb or just lazy. When my muscles get tired they usually burn. I have not been diagnosed, but I do suspect. I believe doctors are waiting on more muscle atrophy to diagnose, though they have mentioned it. Have you been diagnosed?
I have not been diagnosed yet, but am about to start the testing. Its little things that make me wonder, but am hoping there is another reason. People at work have made a few comments about my "clumsiness" that I did not have 8 years ago when I started....I figure I will just take each day as it comes. I am a firm believer in holistic/natural "medicine" (although do believe with taking meds when needed) so I am working out to build strength. Have you been diagnosed?

What about other people? what were your first signs?
I Have Als, Started 3 Years Ago In Dec With Falling, Hand Tingling, Words Sluring. Tape Your Voice You Will Miss It. Make A Will, Living Will Too While You Can. Diagnosed 6-05
If you all do not mind me asking, how old are you both?
I am 58. First symptom was slurred speech followed by weakness and clumsiness of 1 hand.
DH is 31, first symptom was at 30 - atrophy of thenar muscle in right hand late August 2006, it was like mush. Then inability to lift up on his right tip toe or stand back on his heel - this all happened in less than two months. He did not and still does not notice his fasciculations, but they are all over his body. They aren't twitches per se, but just ripples/movement under his skin.
I am 58. First symptom was slurred speech followed by weakness and clumsiness of 1 hand.
My boyfriend is 50 and was diagnosed recently with ALS. All the symptoms he has reported so far have been bulbar ( speaking slurred, eating difficult swallowing difficult, choking, etc.). I have noticed that he has been tripping more often. (He also has a lot of fascilulations in his shoulders and legs). But he says he has no weakness in his hands or legs. Any thoughts?
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