What kind of hobbies do you guys find helpful?

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Apr 2, 2008
As it turns out at the moment, I have no hobbies because of school. But as life goes on and the weakness continues (if it continues) what kind of things are a great way to keep your mind busy? I have a major problem with anxiety so I could really use suggestions for the future.
Mike aka Quadbliss does some nice digital painting.
Hey Sironside,

So far, Digital photography is working for me, it is like hunting. So where ever I am I look from a different perspective to things around me and take loads of photos then I go back and download them to my computer then chose some and upload them online.
Although I wouldn't call it a hobby, I find daily meditation helpful in maintaining mental/emotional balance. :)

My husband was diagnosed in September 2006, and can still function pretty well. He has found swimming and yoga to be very good in maintaining flexibility. His yoga teacher showed him some tai chi stretches that have helped the cramping and pain in his shoulders alot. In swimming, he uses hand paddles to help with weakness and wears a wetsuit top to keep his muscles warm.

I was first DX in Oct 2006. I tried swimming, water arobics and continuing to walk, but they all wear me out. I never liked swimming anyway.:-D I volunteer at Church, in the community and for family. I don't know if that works as a hobby, but depending on how things progress, phone calls or visits. or letters or emails to shut ins. There are international web site pen pals, even to those who are blind or deaf. Also letters to service men and women, walking/or or wheeling for raising funds, for ALS Association or other groups may also be helpful and rewarding. I also took up piano. (We have had a piano for about 17 years.) I have trouble with sustaining some cords.

I hope this was helpful. I always worked (education) and loved it and that was my hobby too, so now I am exploring all sorts of possiblities that never occured to me before. I wish you joy. Take Good Care, Peg
p.s. This is an excellent thread. I just remembered I have a doll house kit my husband gave me in 1985, when I finished my Masters. He said, "Now you will have time." it is still in the box and my hands could still work it enough. And now I have time. i used to collect doll house furniture too. That might make a great "hobby" for me. Thanks, Peg
I love to read but books are too heavy so I get books on tape or CD's. A couple of us started a book club which meets once a month in a friend's home. If it came to it, we could host it at my house but that would be down the road a bit.

Omar- I agree photography lets you see the world in a whole new way. Same for painting. I find myself studying faces or objects to see how I woud capture the light and shadows in like manner.
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