What is the deal Ann Marie?

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Well, you HAVE to believe me.....my biopsy was positive for myopathy, but my EMG was clean. What more can be said, other than it doesn't always work the way your neuro wants!
When is your next visit-- and do think you should try to see Dr S--- I think that Dr T is a general Neurologist-- How confident are you in him-- and did he see any fasciculations and do a tounge EMG?
annmarie said:
thank you for caring, the Neuro told me today that a myopathy would show up in an emg and that he would see it if I had a myopathy, so again the doctors tell us different info. Who do we believe? this entire thing sucks, he has me scheduled for a lower spine mri, which I am sure will not show anything else.

God bless you, annmarie. I am so confused. I will still be praying for you. If the emg turned out normal, how is this doc going to explain the atrophy? When did you first notice the atrophy in your hands? Am I confusing you with someone else? Again, God bless you, annmarie.

I recorded my fasciculations on my cell phone and have every intention of playing my jumping calves and ankles, as well as the soles of my feet, for my neuro. My next appt. at the clinic is Wednesday and I want her to see them so that she can understand what the heck it is like to have them. Give it a try, if you dare!
New technology! Video recorders on cell phones.....ask your kids, I bet they can show you! They show up nice and clear.
lol......that's a funny one....it's spot on...the kids know about all the new up to date, in fashion things coming out...i'm still in the 90's.
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