what happened to my posts?

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Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hey dave,

i made a couple of reply posts yesterday, and tHey are not on tHe site. did i do something wrong, or are tHey lost? your Help is appreciated.

again, thanks for all of your Help.

carol d.
i did the same thing carol. put up a post about als curing sleep apnea. it was there at the time and now it's gone. i did my sleep study on tues and they said my sleep apnea is gone and i don't snore anymore. probably something to do with the way i am breathing because i need a bipap. waiting to hear when i can go in to get it. i'll keep you posted.
Hey gang,
tHere are a few posts missing from tHe last couple days. was'up wi'dat! gayle's dad was having trouble with his bipap mask hurting his nose. i put a bandaid on tHe bridge of my nose before i put tHe mask on and that works great. hope that Helps gayle.
Hi, last night i couldn't even open the discussion forum, error messages all over the place.
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