What happened to my access?

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Apr 24, 2003
In lieu of some recent abuse by spammers, etc, the private messaging system, along with other nice to have's have been removed for registered users:

- ability to post signatures
- view the memberlist
- send and manage private messages
- create a blog

These features are enabled once you reach 50 posts.


HELP! :eek:

My access to the Members List and the private messaging function just cut out. I was trying to reply to a private message when it happened. Instead of the reply going through, I got a message saying that I did not have access to that page. When I went back, these links were gone.


PS - Hi Pat. Hope you and Joey are hangin in. Was planning to PM you next but then this happened.

now, no private messaging?
It will come back. It might take an hour or so but once the background thread runs it should promote everyone with over 50 posts so they get their rights back.
Thanks Jeff. Much nicer when people read rather than react.
Really folks we are trying to keep out the shysters, porn and pill salespeople and others that have no relation to ALS. I do not mean those of you without a diagnosis either. We had a problem this week with 2 different people signing up and going through the Private Massaging to send spam to people on here. These changes may inconvenience some but will help protect the real members security down the road.
The promotion appears to be running but only partially. Private msgs still shows 0 allowed total messages and no permission for Members List. The User Promotions task should have run at least twice by now.
Sorry, Al. I thought Dave's alert only applied to people with 50 posts or less. Guess I'm just not with it today.
Hi David -

I have a question about links. Are we not supposed to post links for equipment we have found useful - for instance beds, mattresses, adaptive clothing, etc?

That is why I signed up for this site. I thought PALS and CALS would be the most informed resource for which equipment is most helpful.

I understand that you do not want this site to be used for promotional purposes. On the other hand, I really need and value the specific links that have been shared by fellow CALS.

Maybe I am not understanding the terms. I read them - but I was not sure of their meaning - what was specifically prohibited. I can see why you might want to be a little vague, but I would hate to violate the policy by accident and rack up points.

Also - the removal of my ability to MP someone further inhibits my access to this valuable information. Really - 50 posts is quite a lot to go without the ability to contact people. I have been on this site since March and have only posted 42 times, although I visit daily.

Bottom line - I am not sure how to get clarity without going public because I cannot ask you guys privately.

Did I misunderstand something here?

Thanks for any clarification -

P.S. I guess I feel some distress because I find this site so very helpful - I have signed up on a few other sites - but nothing compares with this one. Thanks again.
Hi Beth. You hit the nail on the head when you said that nothing compares with this site. That is because we are different than the others. We have tougher rules about what is posted. All links are appreciated from genuine members about ALS related products and services.
Don't worry about the infractions deal. As David said it probably won't be used much.
The 50 posts rule I'm not sure if there is wiggle room there. I'll be talking with David on Sat. and we'll surely be talking about the changes whether good or bad. As I have said many times over the past weeks.
Please bear with us. We're trying to do what is good for the site and the legitimate members.
So we all have to post 50 new posts before we can get back access to PM and the Membersip List?
I too have lost my ability to edit or read my profile or signature, read the membership list or use PM. It would be nice if new systems could be tried out off line before going on line but maybe that's not possible or practical. If I can make a suggestion, and if you can get the forum working again, I think that 50 posts is excessive. Some PALS would be gone before they reach that limit. Many have trouble typing. Perhaps 5-10 would be more realistic and still get the job done of filtering out spammers and drive by PMing. In the 2+ years I've been a member only once have I been bothered by PM and that was not from a spammer but just a troubled soul so I didn't mind.

I see I have also lost the ability to edit my posts.
That's not how I read it, Liz. I read that becaue of the now 50 post rule for new members all of us whould have to wait a few hours for our PM system to be up again. But they are having a meeting about all these kinks tonight so let's just sit tight and see how this gets resolved.

AL and David- lay off the merlot until you finish business, OK? :-D Just kidding. Actually have one on me, guys! Cindy
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