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comfortable with ALS

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Sep 24, 2007
st.clair shores
Twitching now for 5 months give or take? seen a couple of neuros, als specialist no brisk reflexes. no weekness do you guys think im pretty much in the clear? I no a lot of you will say answer your own question but there are a lot of people on here who have been misdiag to. Just wondering your opinion? thanks jenny
Jenny...check out BFS. ALS has more than just fasciculations as a symptom, and it seems that most doctors would not even consider it to be ALS if that is your only symptom, especially without brisk reflexes. Although I realize how difficult it is to ignore the twitching, just do your best to enjoy and appreciate each day..... and ALS will progress if it IS ALS....but it seems to me that the most likely answer for twitches only (though I'm not a doctor), would be NOT ALS. Best of luck. Hopefully if you don't obsess on them, they will eventually go away.

You don't have ALS, you need to focus elsewhere. BFS and you said you have hyperthyroid....that is likely the cause of your issues.

ALS is rare, it's extremely rare in 23 year olds.

Also, the trauma of loosing a child couple with thyroid and all the other crap is what set this off.

Try to focus elsewhere, i know it's hard, but you DON'T have ALS.


Hey Guys

Thanks for the support I have hypothyroidism not hyperthyroidism i wish i had hyper, that would be like i wouldve never came to this site. Hypo doesnt usually cause twitches.
I agree with Jamie that this definitely has something to do with your thyroid. Go see an endocrinologist. When you become pregnant, just like a diabetic, a thyroid patient needs to readjust their medicine. You may be becoming hyperthyroid. And you can NEVER say that a certain condition doesn't cause twitching because ANY condition can cause twitching in some people. My diagnosis does not include twitching, but I have been twitching for 16 months. Can't remember when the weakness actually set in, but it was close to the same time. You need to have more distinguished endocrine studies done. It certainly can't hurt.
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