What do to when arms and hands go

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Sep 17, 2005
I have a question I wonder if any one can help me with. My mom has lost total use of her left hand and her right hand is getting weaker. Is there any kind of device she can use so she can still drink or eat by herself? I don't mind feeding her or holding water to her mouth but I think she would feel a lot better if she could do it herself with the help of some sort of aid. Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you and this website so much, you have no idea how much you've helped me!
Hi Jennifer!

Welcome to the family! You are so wise to recognize your mom's need for independence. That is very important.

There are some special utensils and plates that you can purchase that would help your mom with her grip. I also went to WalMart and got plastic bowls and glasses with built in straws. They were wonderful. Jack could eat his cereal with a spoon, and then suck up the milk through the straw. It worked well. He finally got to the point that he would rest one hand on top of the other, and lean over to reach his spoon or fork. It was devastating to him when he could no longer feed himself.

Then his fingers started to curl and the OT made arm braces for each hand so that his fingers would not curl too much and dig into the flesh of his hands. He used them for about 18 mon. You may also be soon getting into toileting issues. Never easy for the patient. Just keep posting and you will get lots of advice.

Praying for you, Pat
hi jennifer i m in the same situation. if your mom can still lift her hand toward her mouth, i have a bendable wire that i attached a light weight plastic spoon. it gave me 2-3 months independent eating and ice chips. i bought extra so i will gladly send u one,just email me. dar in ohio, diagnosed 01/04.
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