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Aug 10, 2005
Ok so dad over reacts a great deal he is like this with EVERYTHING!

This does not make things any easier in fact much harder....

This is an example: Dad takes blood pressure medication. Well last night he had to take the generic version but has been taking the brand version for a month with no problem at all. Now he takes the generic and he really felt sick this morning. He indicated that he was dizzy like the room is spinning when he is laying back or if he is standing and puts his head down and back up. He can take deep breaths without a problem and this has never ever been an issue. So needless to say I am so scared this morning. Do you think this could be the medicine? I mean this has never ever happend before and the pill could be the prblem. Al anyone any suggestions

I would see the doctor. If it was me I would stop the medication and go back on the original one that he was on but only on the advice of a doctor.

Well dad is feeling better now a few hours after... I made him drink a whole bottel of water. I was with him all day yesterday and noticed that he he ate a ham wedge, wheaties, hot open turkey sandwich, mashed pot, veggies, salad, cesar dressing, cake, and chips. All of this and 2 ginger als, 2 waters, and 1 ice tea the whole day. I don't think that this is enough to drink especially on a hot day and all that salty food....

In any case my concern this morning was could it be his breathing? I really don't think so cause he has not had issues with this, he was able to take deep breaths, lay on his back and breath all that stuff.

I am just real worried and of couse on pins and needles to see how he is later and how he awakes tomorrow morning...

I,m not sure if it could be the generic med. I have a doctor that always specifies on my prescriptions not to substitute generic. Better call the doc and ask. AL.
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