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Jun 6, 2008
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About 1 week ago I noticed a "twitch" that happens in my forearm that causes contraction of my left ring finger. The twitch occurs after I firmly clasp my fist or lift something with my hand. The muscle is sore as well. Soo to those with experience? whadda you think?
I'm not trying to sound facetious, but it sounds like you have a twitching finger caused by an irritated nerve (if it's your ring finger, it's your ulnar nerve) that could possibly be causing the muscle soreness . . . or . . . whatever irritated your nerve has also irritated your forearm muscle. I'm going to assume that you have some ALS concerns. If that is your only symptom then I wouldn't be worrying too much at the moment, and if it doesn't go away, I would definitely go to your GP or a neuro to get to the bottom of it. By the way: try to relax or you'll more than likely make it worse.
no problemo, I did see my GP today about the twiching. I already have a condition called spondylolisthesis (my 5th lumbar vertebrae is slipped foreward causing nerve impinging on my leg nerves) which causes some tingling and lately some numbness and percieved weakness for which I am seeing a neurosurgeon next week for possible spinal fusion.
So, I do have some soreness on the muscle that twitches for sure. But yeah a diagnosis of ALS on top of spondy... total suckage if it is so.
Thanks for your input.
Update - Whadda u Think?

Ok, here's the rest of my story. Besides the aforementioned text, I since have developed soreness in my right bicep, then tricep then deltoid. None of which occurred at the same time. Then some involvement in my trapezious on my left. Then my tricep on my right then bicep and forearm on my right. Then soreness and weakness on my calfs. This all occurred within the last week. Last night I developed a couple of areas of fasciculation in my calfs.
I had an MRI of my c-spine 3 days ago which was essentially benign. My neurosurgeon has scheduled an MRI of my brain and referred me to a neurologist.
One of the weird things is that if I sit for a prolonged period of time or my kids lay on my arms at night, sit in my lap on my legs it tends to exacerbate the symptoms for a bit. all in all the symptoms have been going on since about may 28th. Mostly I feel very tired physically ALL over. I can still do anything but it makes me very fatigued.
Thanks for any input.
Ok this is just a general observation but I have noticed that anyone that comes here giving the technical term for every muscle and the day it twitched doesn't need to be here. There is no muscle pain with ALS unless you strain it. Cramps in a calf will make you jump out of bed to try to stretch it and that can give you pain. Sounds to me like you're over reacting to the back causing stress causing fasciculations causing stress causing poor sleep causing fatigue. A viscious circle. If I'm right you can send my $500 consult fee to ALSA. If I'm wrong I'm sorry about your luck but you could still send something to ALSA.
Ok this is just a general observation but I have noticed that anyone that comes here giving the technical term for every muscle and the day it twitched doesn't need to be here. AL.

Al I certainly hope you are right! BTW, I'm a registered nurse...
Didn't my RN daughter tell me that after Doctors, and then Nurses make the worst patients. Not making light of your condition but you could be way over thinking This.
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