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Sep 28, 2007
I posted a few weeks ago about the symptoms my girlfriend has been having lately. We went to a neurologist two days ago, but didn't really get any answers. He did say he was 95% sure it wasn't MS or ALS. He thinks her problems are most likely muscular and not neurological. The GP we went to exxagerrated about her reflex problems. The neuro said she has normal reflexes in her arms and reduced reflexes in her legs, probably due to muscle weakness and not nerves. They took blood and scheduled an EMG in two weeks just to be sure.

If her problems are indeed muscular, I asked the doctor what could be causing them. He said joint inflammation was a possiblity, although I don't see how this could affect her legs and her hand at the same time. He also mention she could have a thyroid (sp?) problem, which would make sense as her mother has had problems with hers.

It sounds like good news for you and your girlfriend! At least by not getting the ALS diagnosed!

I hope they can determine her problem soon so y'all can move forward. Hopefully it will be something that can be treated and she will get better.

Let us know how the EMG goes.
As bad as it sounds, it's good us.
It's more than likely very treatable.
Damn red tape!

My girlfriend works second shift, so by the time she gets to work the parking lot is full and she has to park really far away. The neuro said he would sign for her to get a temporary permit for handicapped parking. So, we went to the DMV (aka Hell), to pick up the form, which then had to be taken back to the doctor for him to sign, and then had to be taken back to the DMV. Fun. Well we went to get the form signed today and the receptionist at the office told her the doc would have it filled out at signed in about 12 days. 12 days. So that's almost two full weeks of her walking nearly 1/4 mile from the bottom of the parking lot, two full weeks to risk falling and serious injury. All for some formality BS.

Luckily, I also work second shift so I'm going to follow her to work and drive her up to the door after she parks her car. Of coarse this only solves half the problem, since I have no way of helping her when she gets off. They gave her a cane but she's not to enthusiastic about using it and I can't say I blame her.
Bert - isn't it something how a doc can't find a few seconds to sign a form?! I would call the office and get the nurse on the phone. She can carry it
to his/her face and put the pen in his hand....30 seconds! Here in NY I had to pick up the form from DMV, take it to the doc, they said 2 days for signature. Then when I picked it up we had to take it to the city clerk, not DMV. The city clerk put a number on it, logged it in the book and handed it to me. After the docs signature the rest was cake! Just double check that your state it goes back to DMV and not your city clerk, just in case. Hope your girlfriend gets some answers soon.
Yea me too. I just thought she was clutzy before all this! From what the neuro said it's looking to be something not-so-bad. It's a huge crap storm to wade through either way though.

She called me this morning and told me what happened, so I left work and said we going back to the office to get nasty. Well that didn't work, when the nurse rudely refused to help us, I demanded to talk to someone else. She said it was just her and the docs, and there was nothing we could do to speed the process.

To make this whole thing even more fun, she has a hard time getting into and out of my truck. So I think I'm going to have to follow her, find somewhere to park my truck, walk to her car, drive her to the door, drive and then walk back to my truck and go to work. I don't mind helping her at all but all this hassle just shouldn't be neccessary when taking 30 seconds to fill out a form would also solve the problem.
i can't believe all the trouble you are having. I picked up the form from DMV took it to my PC he signed it while i waited and i took it to DMV and walked out with my permit. The whole thing took about 2 hours. I hope you get some answers soon.
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