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May 29, 2007
Hello again everyone..
Seems like things have taken another turn recently.. all of my blood work came back normal and the MRI of the cervical spine came back normal.. So my Nuero is going to schedule a EMG for me on the 30th. I was sure that something was going to be found in either my blood or my spine but turns out to be negative. I told everyone i was not comming back lol but i have a question! Does anyone know of any kind of MND that can travel to different places of the body? For example, i have been complaining of twitching all over my body, but now the twitching has almost come to a complete stop.. i get about 1 to 3 muscle spams a day now (The muscles just twitches about once or twice and stops its spasm) Also the sourness i was having in my muscles is also gone? Now my problem seems to be in my mouth.. My tongue has actually tried to cramp up about a week ago? That was a kinda weird experience.. I dont feel any spasms or see any atrophy in my tongue, plus the nuero looked at my tongue during her routine check-up and said everything looked great. I went back and looked at some of my earlier posts on here and i had noted about a weird feeling in my mouth which went away after a couple of days. Sometimes it feels weird to swallow saliva but, i have no problem eating it just happens every once in a while. My question is ...does bubular (spelling) als present itself in any kind of way for example would i have twitching other places in my body or would i find it difficult to talk? I really dont think i have ALS i beleive its anxiety but theres nothing i can do if i have als anyways, do any other neurological diseases cause something like this? Thanks for your input

Symptoms for ALS are all over the board, different for every person. I think you can see that and know that.

If your looking for reassurance, your docs say you are crazy..right...which would be a good thing.

I guess, the only real thing you can do is get the EMG. Only time will tell friend.

Hang in there, come back as much as you need, your always welcome.



Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule. My husband has difficulty swallowing some of the time and chokes out of the blue. (hasn't turned blue yet) LOL He can still eat normal foods, but they have to be sliced small and he chews it up good before swallowing.

And, he has twitching all over upper body now, with atrophy.

Anybody else that chimes in will probably give you a different story. So Jamie is right, your guess is as good as ours. Sorry.
many variables

My husband Rick has symptoms come and go with his ALS. He can have several evenings in a row where he has twitches in his legs and feet... sometimes with one or the other or both.... and then go a few days without any. At times he coughs from a tickle in his throat, or has more little clicking sounds from his throat. At times, many days go by without anything like that. There were times he would come out of the bathroom and make a u-turn in to the rest of the house and knock everything off the walls while hitting his shoulder on everything. Then that symptom would pass and weeks would go by where he could negotiate just fine..... He had noticable loss of muscle in his calves. But now because he has to hop on one foot with a walker (his other leg was injured in an explosion) the good leg has come back with form and strength. The calf muscle there is almost back to where it was as when he was a young man. We don't support strong exercise programs, however..... just low impact...... like walking or lifting little tiny weights 2-6 lbs. We take each day as it comes. We know the ALS will progress, but we just wait and watch, and make the best of each and every day until we have to face other symptoms. You know how people always say you can find someone else worse off than yourself... and be glad you aren't them? We could ask why RIck had to be involved in that explosion and have to fight to save his leg too. NOthing can change the circumstances but your attitude can change your life! The neurologist joked with us "Just because you had muscles in your leg disappearing Rick, is no reason to go try to get it blown off!" Rick is such a good sport. I wish you could all meet him. Marjorie
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