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Aug 11, 2007
Hi all, thought i would write about my experience two days ago. For the last three months i have not had much of an appetite, just a disinterest in food. I lost about five pounds and all of a sudden i got an apetite back. Well i must have aten something bad because my nausea came back with full force! I was vomiting so hard a it felt like i pulled a muscle in my stomache. I went to the ER and they did a ultrasound that came back normal but my white blood cell count was sky high. So the ER doc called my regular doc and he reccomended ctscan. Ct scan came back normal, i still had nausea but the pain subsided and they made me stay the night because my white blood cell count was sky high, i almost had a heartattack when my doc personally came to the hospital to persuade me to stay. I had no fever. Well that night i went through about six bags of iv fluid and they took my blood twice the next morning because my WBC had gone done so far it was almost abnormal Low the nurse said! The doc came in and said good news, your insides are fine and your blood count is normal. Turns out i was severly dehydrated... I came home and had not eaten in two days, i weighed myself and had gained three pounds of fluid! I still cant eat a lot, and have nausea but i think it may be a bug.... I used to enjoy food and eating out and now i cant stand it i do not enjoy it. How does someone become dehydrated that bad in this day and age? I had no idea that dehydration can make your white blood count go up.
Hi Sam- sorry you've been under the weather. Hopefully it will clear up soon. That's a good tip about dehydration. I didn't know that either. Cindy
Hi Sammantha,I just stumbled accross your post and wanted to tell you about the experience that i had with my mom over the weekend.Friday night she was taken by ambulance to hospital and hooked up to heart monitor.She was given nytroglycerin on the way to the hospital.I was sure that she had had a heart attack.Finally after tons of test they have ruled that out and now have said that she was severly dehydrated!I don`t understand that either and how it could cause those symptoms.She had severe pressure in her face and jaws and her chest.She had also been admited 2 wks.earlier becuase she fainted while shopping and they diagonosed her with bladder infection..I am tottally puzzled at how dehydration could have caused your symptoms and hers....hope this is not the new diagonosis they have come up with to replace the "oh its just a virus thing".....anyway hope you are feeling better and drink lots of fluids!.....Gina

Thanks for the reply, i have been making myself drink! I tend to be a sipper so now i am putting things in glasses so i drink more. Sorry to hear about your mom, how long have you been helping her? I think i had the stomach flu, but could not get rid of because i had no water in my system and the water that was going into my stomach was coming out real fast.. Once i had all that fluid replaced i was able to get rid of whatever i had because my blood count went back to normal... I gained five pounds of fluid, but i have lost it all... I am drinking though! Best wishes to you and your mom, Sammantha
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