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Aug 8, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hi people :) I'm new here and first of all I want to apologize in advance for my bad english but I wanted to share my story with you guys and ask for advice...
I'm a 27 years old man in relatively good shape (or used to) but in the beginning of May I had a sudden fatigue and a fever with night sweats and diarrhea that lasted a few days (2 or 3) then one day I woke up with both lower legs feeling weak and numb. That alarmed me and I decided to pay a visit to my local Dr he then said it was typhoid fever (after a ton of blood work) and gave me antibiotics.
Soon after taking the antibiotics the fever went away but I started to have fasciculations in all my body also pins and needles sensation with numbness (that quickly went away) in all my extremities (mainly in my legs). I also started to developed unbalance in my gait so I went back to my Dr and he thought It was my back so he ordered a scan and xrays of my spine. The exams revealed cervical rectification and 3 bulged discs (without radiculopathy) he then sent me to a chiropractor who said that my spine was fine and then I was referred to a neurologist.

My neurologist said that I had a peripheral neuropathy and ordered some more blood work (ana test, hiv, ck, lhd, lipids, tgo and others) and a ct scan. All test came back fine and now he ordered a EMG with NCV and another one that I don't remember for late August of this year...

Ok... But why I suspect I may have ALS?

After months the numbness and paresthesias went away but I discovered that my unbalanced gait was due to my right leg being slightly weaker, my reflexes seem to be ok but when I try to stay up with only my right leg it starts to tremble and then I lose the balance (doesn't happen in my left leg) and now more recently I started to have fasciculations in my right leg toes that don't go away. I can still walk (my leg feels like butter) but it seems like this thing is progressing in my right leg along with an unexplained fatigue and it's driving me crazy.

So that's my story what you guys think? possible ALS? Should I ask for other specific tests or something? Anyway thanks for reading my post.
Thanks I will do that! I will also post an update once my EMG is done. I hope I finally get close to a diagnosis at least.
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