Weird diagnoses


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Apr 28, 2024

I am a 33 years old male. I was always very active and healthy. I played my whole life soccer and I've been a powerlifter for many years.

From march 2022, I had an ongoing injury which required me to take a lot of cortisone. During that time I lost a lot of muscle mass and gained weight. I lost more muscle mass than you should lose, even if you are unactive. I had to take cortisone until october 2022.

In march 2023, I really started to notice that I still had ongoing atrophy and a lot of muscle fatigue. I don't think I had weakness, but really the fatigue that I could not last long, I still had a decent amout of muscles.
I went to a neurologist and had an EMG. Which was clear. I had a a follow up with the neurologist in june 2023, EMG was still clear. I also had MRI from the back and the brain and some other tests, nothing was found. The neurologist said to me that it was all probably because of the cortisone. I slowly got back to weightlifting.

All was going good, until out of a sudden I injured my back in december 2023. I was in for chiropractic treatment and out of sudden after a treatment I started to feel very tired/fatigue again in the arms. I had some minor muscle twitching, which only lasted a few days. So I had a neck and back MRI, because my doctor suspected a herniated disc or some nerve compression. But it was all clear.

Since than I am having difficulty doing daily things with both my arms. My arms get very fatigue. Even typing on a keyboard and using a mouse gets my hands and arms very tired. I also notice weakness. Especially in my left hand/arm. I am not able to use the same strength as a few months ago.
I used to run 2 times a week, with one run around 12 kilometers. Now, I am unable to hold it 5 kilometers.

Blood tests were clear, expect for the CK values which were elevated (390).

I got an appointment with my neurologist in a few weeks.

Could this be the beginning of ALS? or doens't this sound like the first symptoms of it?
The first part definitely sounds like steroids

The second seems like your spine somehow even with negative imaging but you will know more after seeing the neurologist. Read the sticky getting a diagnosis so you will be prepared for your appointment

Good luck