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Nov 22, 2011
EyeTech TM4 Camera and The Grid 2 Is currently connected to an ACER Icona Tablet (W500 Series). Looking to get $3000.00. This was received through Talk To Me Technologies. Sadly my mother was never able to use this before she passed from ALS about 2 years ago, because her eyesight began to deteriorate after a medical episode. If you have any questions please let me know. You can email me at or pm me here.

This is light weight and weighs around 3 lbs. It's very portable. It comes in the original box and packaging with all software, wires, USBs, memory cards, stylus, CDs, straps, and cords, warranties, paperwork, and instructions. It comes with two different mounts. A clamp on mount for a table, and a wheel chair mount. (it was used on a power wheelchair). There is also a standing mount, but I’m not sure if it works. We had issues setting it up. If you are also interested in this let me know.

It can be used with or without the Eyegaze, It come with two separate cases, one has the Eyegaze attached with the mount and one that simply has a speaker for type to talk. There is also an easel if used as a tablet. It also comes with a keyboard so that the tablet can be connected to make a laptop. In addition I believe the EyeTech TM4 is designed to fit under any standard flat screen monitor or laptop.

For more info on this: EyeTech TM4 | Smartbox Assistive Technology

It uses The Grid 2. It allows you to use symbols, words lists, and phrases. You can create phrases and categories. It’s easy to navigate and adjust speeds depending on skill level. It is internet ready so you can browse the internet, Netflix, Hulu, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Skype. The Grid 2 includes many resources for simplified computer control. Control Facebook, YouTube and Skype with simple accessible grids that are easy to use.

For more information, questions, answers, and tutorials on The Grid 2 you can go to: Grid Software - Sensory SoftwareSensory Software

I don’t know a lot about it. They did a training with us before my mom passed almost 2 years ago. So I don’t remember much. You may be able to contact them for additional information.

All instructions and manuals included.

For additional information on WEGO, EyeTech TM4 Camera, and The Grid 2 you can visit the sites below.

Home | Talk To Me Technologies
Wego Speech-Communication Device. Augmentative Speech Device-children and adults autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, ALS, Lou Gehrig?s
EyeTech TM4 | Smartbox Assistive Technology
The Grid 2 AAC software - Sensory SoftwareSensory Software
you might consider donating it for the tax benefit ...
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