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Wedding Memorial

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Apr 30, 2008
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My grandmother passed away on Saturday from ALS, and I will be getting married in November. Instead of doing a favor or candy or something meaningless, I wanted to do a donation in her honor...anyone know of a group that I could donate to that might possibly have cards signifying that a donation was made? Thanks for any help!
Sorry about your grandma stumpy, and congrats, good luck with your wedding. I wish I could help you stumpy, but I do not quite understand your question. Sorry for my ignorance! God bless!

sorry about ur grandmother. donations to ALAS since that is what she died off.

I was curious if anyone knew of a foundation or group that would take a donation and be able to provide cards for the wedding reception (i.e. a donation has been made in your name to....) instead of using candies or knick-knacks at the reception.
Hi Stumpy- so sorry to hear about your grandmother. She must have been a lovely lady to generate such love. I'm still not clear on your question, myself. Did you mean you intend to make a donation and want a few cards to announce that it was done in the names of your wedding guests? It sounds like a lovely idea and i bet any foundation would work with you on this request! Cindy
ALS GUARDIAN ANGELS would appreciate your help.

Dear Stumpy,

I've been helping PALS/CALS financially and many other ways. In order to be more effective I've recently formed a foundation named:


We have been granted a tax exempt 501c designation. Our website is not even up yet but word has gotten out and requests are pouring in. I can send you how info regarding the help we've provided. I have been funding everything myself, but hope to raise enough funds to keep the foundation operating in perpetuity. I would really appreciate your help.. and so would my patients. Any amount is appreciated. Nothing is too small. I hope you will get in touch with me. My contact information is:

Stu Millheiser
ALS Guardian Angels Foundation
Office: (949)488-9894
Cell: (949)233-3045
[email protected] or [email protected]

I am also pasting a letter from a poster that will give you a better feel for what we do.


deanna, (A poster responding to a PALS post)

I'm teribly sorry your family is having financial difficulties. I frequent another ALS site and there is a gentleman that has a huge heart that has started a foundation to help PALS and their families. the following is a post by him that I hope you will find helpful:

This all began when my daughter learned about a 14 year old girl at school whose dad has ALS. It was a few weeks before Christmas. They were in danger of losing their house and had difficulty affording most of the necessities that ALS patients need. To add to their misery, her mom lost her job. This all happened right before Christmas. The young girl is absolutely dedicated to her dad, and does things for him that no 14 year old should have to do. Since her mom cannot lift dad alone, she has to stay at home and has no other life outside of school and her dad.

Upon hearing of their situation, I helped them out financially. They now consider me part of the family. We go to eachother's house for dinner etc. I'm a phone call away whenever they need me to help out with the dad or children. Word spread and other ALS families began to contact me. Believe it or not, this family is among the more "fortunate" ones. There are PALS, living alone with no family or friends. Single PALS are losing their children because they can no longer care for them. I've seen CALS on the verge of nervous breakdowns. It all haunts me. I'm in a position to help... and that's what I am doing.

My website will be up soon, and it will link to other ALS sites. I hear of people in desparate situations from this website and others. I'll typically send them an email, and take it from there.

I want to be clear.. this is what I want to do. PALS need help... and providing help is very rewarding to me. I do not want anyone thinking that this is a sacrifice. I can't begin to tell you what this does for my soul. I've also made some very close friendships in the ALS community.

I hope to raise funds beyond my own contributions. My hope is to create something that will outlive me. Something that can exist on its own in perpetuity. Better yet, I hope ALS can be effectively treated and people like myself will not be necessary.

So, thats the story. If you need help, let's talk. Email me or call me at the numbers below.

Stu [email protected]
Cell: 949-233-3045
Home/Office: 949-488-9894
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You have come up with a wonderful way to pay tribute to your grandmother at such an important time in your life. It is a great example for others. There is a new foundation that gives financial and other aid to people with ALS. Are you interested in something like that? I'm sure that foundation or other more well known foundations would be able to work with you. Please let me know if you would like more information.


Yes, that would be GREAT! Basically I want cards for the reception for "place cards" in a way I guess....
Stumpy - please contact Stu Millheiser - contact info in an above post. His foundation is amazing and doing very good work.

So sad knowing about your grandmother. If you really want to donate something for her then you should donate it to the poors.
Sorry Paul but I had to edit your signature. We do not allow links to advertising in posts or profiles.

wedding memorial

My step daughter was married last October and I did the same as you are wanting just a different disease.

I bought the printable table tents and did it on my computer. I wrote:

In lou of a traditional wedding favor we have made a donation to the american breast cancer association in honor of Hope's Aunt Robin and Jeff's Aunt Lily.

I selected a fancy font and printed in her colors and they looked just like I had ordered them. It also touched alot of hearts. It's a great idea. Hope the info helps
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