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Jan 2, 2008
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new brunswick
I'm a new member here and really need your help with a question. I am a 41 year old male in what I thought was, great health. My symptoms started about a month ago. I had perceived weakness in my left arm (no pain at all) for about 3 weeks. Then it moved to my right arm. A couple of days later it moved to both of my legs. Again, this isn't clinical weakness . . . but I know that I'm weaker in all of my limbs (maybe by about 10 or 20%). I occasionally get muscle twitches along with jerky movements. Those symptoms were much worse in the beginning, but now they seem to have gotten a little better, but my weakness is still apparent. I can still type really fast and I don't have slurred speach or trouble swallowing. I have lost a little weight but I'm not sleeping or eating very well since this all happened.
I guess my question is: can the perceived weakness move so quickly from limb to limb? How quickly does atrophy occur? I read another post on here that is similar to mine, but I don't think his/her question was answered. Could someone please help me.
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure others will post with their experiences, but I think it is better to wait until a neuro determines you have objective weakness, not subjective weakness, before anything. Also, spread of weakness as fast as you mention is not something I associate with ALS.
Thank you VMD

Just like everyone else, I always fear the worst. I have made an appointment with a neurologist, but that won't be until February. I'm hoping that someone in the meantime can help me. I just want to go into my appointment with as much information as I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
ALS has many different speeds

Can you move your appt up ? Tell them you're losing sleep and weight. That may help.

Some of your symptoms fit, some don't. Way too early and many tests away from telling.

Check my other posts for my deal. I was 44 at onset.
Hello TallJohn

You said that some of my symptoms fit and others don't. Could you please tell me which ones fit and which ones don't? :confused:
Don't borrow trouble

I am a 48 year old male,was officially Dx in June 2007,but I have been having tests and symptoms for 2 years now,primarily speech issues now otherwise not to bad.My experience is educate yourself but don't worry yourself sick until the specialists do their thing and tell you whats going on.I hope you don't have ALS and if you do you will have plenty of time to worry about things then,so try and not worry to much until you find out the facts from the people that know whats up.I would suggest seeing a neurologist that is connected to an ALS Clinic.Anyways good luck and I hope this advice helps. Kevin
Kevinski is correct

You have to be seen.

Now, twitching by itself means nothing. With weakness it COULD be something.

By the time I had weakness, I also had some atrophy.
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