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Jul 14, 2012
Learn about ALS
Hello all. It has been a while and I still have concerns about ALS. Many neuros, and many EMGs all clean. Unsustained clonus and brisk in the knees. I have some twitching in my right wrist and it is seemingly smaller than the left. My strength in all areas is 5/5. I have had these concerns for 13 months. I have had emgs on my forearm, 1st DI, and thenar. Would these have picked up denervation in my wrist? So twitching in wrist sporadically, smaller wrist, full strength and clean emgs. Is ALS possible.

Thank you for yoyur time and concern.
all I can say after all clean emgs, 5/5 strength, and 13 months later you still think you have an als problem. in 13 months you could easily be in a wheel chair, unable to talk or swallow, dress yourself, ect and the list goes on and on. I don't speak for this forum but my advice is go away and stop wasting our time. I can barely type with one finger and have more important things to do
Certainly no disrespect intended. Just scared and troubled. This is simply a thread that folks can ask questions. Thank you for answering. Gratefully....
You definitely don't have ALS with those kind of results. You should be able to find better use of your time and energy other then being on this forum. If you continue to have problems go back to your doctor not us.
Aaahhhh - thought you and your various personas were on to other illnesses by now! Let me guess, you've gone through the alphabet of fatal diseases and are back to the A's.

What happened to your psychologist visits? No long lasting cure?

Don't answer that - it's a rhetorical question.
Hello Ottawa Girl. Thank you for your reply. It actually one of your comments that sticks in my head. I beleive you mentioned that you had atrophy that was very slow over an 18 month period. Because I have atrophy and it is happening slowly I get concerned. Thnak you for understanding.
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