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Mar 5, 2008
This site seems like a great support network. My heartfelt concern goes out to those who suffer or are searching for solutions.

I find my self in the latter. Lately, I've been experiencing weakness in both legs and my 'off arm', though its not extreme, I don't find myself tripping or falling, and no gait problems, but I do feel weak in the legs mostly. My hands and feet don't appear to be affected more than legs or arms in general or just general weakness. It feels like I've worked out, but I have not. I've noticed some twitching, though it could be just normal or related to anxiety.

In the past, I've noticed that if I work out, walk a LONG distance, my feet become heavy, but with normal activity this hasn't been a problem. But of late it seems like I'm just 'tired' and weak.

It seems to be worse in the evening.

I don't seem to have problem speaking or breathing.

The weakness has started to come in over a period of about a week.

Could this be ALS?
Hello Lundgren

If you were "aware" of your body prior to your symptoms and had no such symptoms . . . and your symptoms came upon you suddenly, then it most likely isn't ALS; ALS develops slowly and insidously . . . to the point that you don't notice it . . . and then something happens that makes you aware that something is wrong. You just simply don't fit that pattern . . . that is again . . . if you have been aware of your body. My money is on some nerve issues in the lower back or some kind of virus. I certainly . . . and no one else can . . . diagnose you over the internet, so my advice would be to go see a physician so you know exactly what you have. Take care.

I agree, symptoms coming on in just a week is too fast to be ALS. Most of the time symptoms have been there for over a year before diagnosis.

It could be anything. Make an appointment with your GP. Sounds like a virus to me also.

Good luck!
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