weakness and twitching

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Jun 6, 2006
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Has anyone who has been diagnosed. with als ever have the twitching stop while still mantaining use of the limb and if so was it for long periods of time, also has anyone had general weakness come on them throughout the entire body at first or did weakness and loss of control come from a particular limb start first and then spread to other limbs. Do most of you [Dx. with als] have elevated cpk's. Barry

My PAL had general "tiredness" but not "weakness" before he noticed the twitching in his left hand and forearm. Now his tiredness has turned to bouts of exhaustion and the loss of muscle has caused weakness and loss of fine motor skills. For example, now he can no longer drink out of a ceramic coffee mug, as it feels to him as if the mug weighs 10 lbs. So the weakness definitely came after the muscle wasting.
Started out with fatigue

My problem began with overall fatigue, then came ths loss of function in my right arm and now the left is joing thee fray. As to the coffee cup issue, suggest a plastic travel cup, it keeps the coffee hot and weighs very little. For cold liquids, I use a straw, works well. good luck....wm

I noticed the pads on my fingers always look wrinkled, like I had them in water to long, do other Pals have this also? Does anyone have twitching in the eyelid/eyelids is very annoying!
Hey BWK I do have twitching in my left eyelid every now and then, so it is not really permanent and recently it moved to my right eye. As for my fingers, I guess my first ALS symptoms has started 2 years ago with my right index finger and I've noticed it while I was trimming my nails.

weakness and (fingers)

When i looked back into my life, all 28 years, i realized my left side of my body was always weaker than my right. When i did pilates my left leg and hip would not cooperate, and my shoulders were always weak. I used to go to the gym when i was in my late teens and i would try to work my shoulders a lot, but it never helped..... when i developed noticable signs and atrophy from ALS it started on my, you guessed it on my left side and both shoulders. To reply about the wrinkling fingers, in the winter when it is cold the atrophy in my hand is way more noticeable and my fingers look like i had been in the tub all day!
I have had eyelid twitching which has progressed into my cheek and chin over the past few months-- I also have twitches all over my limbs and throat and stomach- I even have cramping in my legs adn feet- Last week I went back to see an ALS specialist and he looked me over from the previos 3 months when they did an EMG and found nothing-- He acknowledged that these twitches / fasciculations are so random and no focal-- without muscle weakness or atrophy that he believes not to be ALS or Motor Nuron related-- I think that it is the most frustrating and annoying part of the diagnosis process-- but for now the twitches remain but the Specialist said that he does not even list my twitching as a possile ALS.. It seems like there is nothing out there that can stop them -- I have tried almost everthing-- But if you see an ALS specialist find out if the twitching is definately related to ALS. Or BFS.

Dr Simmons originally only saw one fasiculation in May in my quadricep--- Then this past week he saw the almost constant in my eye lid and random in my cheek-- he saw nothing anywhere else adn said there is no atropy-- even the tounge-- I thought my tounge was looking like it had atrophy-- but I may bee seeing things-- His words to me were that he didn't want to do another EMG till November but after that he basically said it would close the book on my concerns-- I have to go with what he says-- he is one of the best on the east coast-- But the damn twitching in my face and cheek and sometimes ribs is driving me crazy--- I wish it could stop-- -- it really has been going on for me now for @ 7 months and he clearly states this is not to even be considered possible-- But every day it is like it gets worse and more things-- I just have to trust his judgement because of his expertise-- I will tell you one thing-- When I was waiting in the room a lady came in from the MDA... She really scared me with her prescence-- I was just worked up and seeing her made me think it was like the priest arriving for last rights-- But I guess mondays are the MDA clinics and she said she sees everyone to evaluate possible needs for the future-- I will have to wait till Nov. to see what a new EMG may reveal-- but based off of the clinical at this time he pretty well gave me the OK.. For what it is at the current level.

the twitching is allover-- from the face-- shoulders-- wrist- calfs- buttox- hamstring- forarm-- very brief-- usually and totally random and unpredictable-- my face on the left side and eyelide are the only places that seem to be old reliable... the cramping is ongoing in the calfs and foot adn hand-- but they say don't worry

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