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Sep 27, 2007
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Hi Everyone,
Sorry to be a bother. I have posted several times before, but just to recap here goes. I have been twitching for about 2 months, no true weakness or atrophy that i know if. I had a normal EMG on my left arm and left leg two weeks into the twitching. Now my twitching is more concentrated instead of widespread. I've had the same twitch off and on in my right hand (between thumb and index finger) for two weeks now. It will appear and disappear every one-two days.
My quesiton is, now I feel like my neck muscles are weak. Like it's hard to keep my head up. Would this be a common place to notice weakness first instead of an arm or leg? Or does the neck weakness usually happen later in the disease?
I know you can't diagnose me, but I have an appt with my neuro all the way at the end of January, and I'm kind of losing my mind here :oops:
Thank you for any advice...
My neck muscles became very weak before I started Prednisone. It was very disconcerting. I had to rest my head back when driving.
Met a guy last night with weak neck and left hand is pretty bad. He's a few months post diagnosis.
Thanks for your replies. So basically it could be the first "weak" area, or usually later in the disease? I don't have any true weakness anywhere else, just the twitching...
I resemble that remark, kind of. When I'm laying on my back I can't pull my head off the pillow. I'm fine if I'm on either side just can't pull my chin to my chest. I'm alright when standing or sitting. Just don't put me in a sports car without a head rest :)
Hi mom had bulbar ( could not speak and had a peg tube ) and she experienced neck weakness. She started off with a stiff neck. Then problems moving it from side to side and then finally she would have problems holding her head up. Her limbs were all fine. She was just starting to have slight difficulty raising her left arm before she passed away. Anne
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