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Sep 27, 2007
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Hi Everyone,
To recap: I've been having widespread twitching for about 2 months, a couple of "hotspots", and had a normal EMG on left side about 2 weeks into the twitching. i am 28 years old.
I've tried to convince myself it's just BFS, but I'm really worried. I've been feeling like my legs and arms are weak lately. Like I'm walking funny and my legs are tired.
Also, when I do things with my fingers or hands, it feels like my arm muscles are doing the work. Is this typical clinical weakness? Please help:(
Hi Peanut. I am going to try to help relieve some of your fears, since I have many of the same symptoms as you do. It is officially 2 years now since I first sought answers, although the weakness didn't set in until about 18 months ago and I'd been having symptoms for a long time before I tried to get some answers.

Still don't have answers, BTW. Not to scare you but it is only fair to warn you that it might take awhile before you find out what is going on.

They measured my "clinical weakness" by how well I can resist when someone is pushing against my hands or legs. Needless to say, this test varies according to the strength of the person pushing against me. I fail it in all cases except when the Doctor is about my height and weight. I can hold my own then. At least for now.

A physical therapists also measure clinical weakness by using a little pressure gauge that measures how strong my grip is. I lost a lot of strength over the course of 2 months, and have not gained it back but it did get me out of PT and weight training, if that counts for anything! :-D
Thanks you Cindy. have you had completely normal EMGs the whole time?
Not really. My legs show cramps and fasciculations but the ALS clinic and I are choosing to read that as BFS right now. Both hands show chronic nerve regeneration and as long as the nerves grow back it is not ALS. Since the last emgs, I have lost muscles on both hands and both feet and muscles in my face are starting to cramp and fasciculate. The Doc wondered aloud if anything more definative would show up "by now" (his words) if we repeated the emgs, but I decided to hold off. Why would I be in any hurry?:)
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