Washroom Dignity

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Apr 20, 2006
Loved one DX
We just bought a Toto Washlet for our house to give my wife some washroom dignity. We did not have room for a seperate bidet so this was simply an electric seat that fits on a toilet that and has a remote control. Seat is heated, washes the front and rear, and dries even has a filter to remove odour. So far it is amazing - very welcomed.

We just bought it from a bathroom supply house locally. Not trying to sell them or anything. Thought people might be interested in somthing that didn't require rennovations.

Also its on a comfort height toilet - 2" or so higher than a regular one. Much easier to stand up from and looks normal - no giant plastic seat.

My dad origianlly saw it a Tilly Clothing store - and put me on to it.

Tim -

Thanks so much for the info. I'm not there yet, but this is the kind of thing that worries me the most - how can I retain some shred of dignity as things progress. I find posts like this very reassuring.


Don't wait until you need it..get one now, it will be the most wonderful purchase for your family. I have the Jasmine washlet and while there isn't a steep learning curve, there is one. Everyone loves it so much, I am going to put one in another bathroom. The biggest surprise of all, you will never be constipated again. Treat yourself. My son installed mine in less than 10 minutes
need one

Great guys, just what I've been worrying about .:oops: :confused: :( where in Tifton, georgia (U.S.) can I find one ? I have been so depressed lately. This will be so wounderful SANTA HELP ME. JANF
Hi Tim. Have they got a website or can you get it at Home Dept. I'm getting to be in the market for one soon. AL.
Just after my last posting here I went to the bathroom at work and found myself sitting on a Toto toilet (knew you were all just waiting to hear that :) ), so then I googled Toto toilets - looks like a widely distributed brand - probably something you could find locally. BUT ..... the washlets are pricey (at least for me). I might have to start a fund raiser - what should I call it?

Thanks Liz I'll Check
something a little funny

Tim told me that he didn't have to buy the whole toilet, just the seat. I think it ranged around $1,000. mark or so. I think it is totally worth it.

I hope Tim doesn't mind me telling a little funny story about it. His 8 year old daughter came up to me the other day while I was at their house and asked "Auntie Barbie, do you mind if I go and have a little rinse?. " She assured me that she knew how to use it.
So I said, "Go ahead......Have fun." ....

I thought that was funny. The kids like it too. ha ha.

Hey Liz- how about a GoToToto fundraiser dinner? :-D
What a wonderful product!
I wonder if one could claim the cost as a medical expense, or would they view it as a "luxury" item. (I don't see how a person's dignity can be deemed a luxury...but what do I know!:-D )

Cheers and thanks for bringing that product to our attention!
I echo Susan, don't wait get it now. I bought a Toto Jasmine 2 years ago and can't imagine life without it. Anything less seems barbaric now. There's no need to pay $1000 for it. Dealers on ebay will sell it for much less. Here's one for $619 US. If you're patient you should find it for a bit less.


The only change I would have made is to buy the elongated one rather than the round. It gives an extra inch or so of length which I would appreciate.

Another worthwhile addition for most PALS is a Toilevator which simply raises your existing toilet to a more suitable height. Much cheaper than buying a special raised toilet and just as effective. Aesthetically, you won't notice a difference from a regular toilet. They cost about $80-90 US and are available from you local medical supply shop or on-line:

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Rolark, thanks for reminding people about a great product for PALS or anyone else. Do you mind telling me what you paid for it locally in Canada? I was down in the US on a holiday so I just bought one on eBay, had it shipped to my US departure point and then brought it back with me.


you asked about health covering the washlets. I'm in the US and have United Healtchare. I"m in the process of getting a Toto for my partner. It looks like UHC will cover a portion of it if it is prescribed by our doc, who is more than happy to do so. A higher percentage will be paid if I go through an affiliated provider, so I'm working on getting them to order the Toto for me. I'll update when I have more info, but I'm thinking that's how it should work with most coverage.


Thanks for that jv!

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