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Feb 6, 2011
walk to defeat als is the major fundraiser for the als association. money raised is what provides grants for research and drug trials world wide. it is important for us recently diagnosed and able to get out and about to support this mission. organise a team, seek sponsors and join a walk. no walk in your community then start one. gather family and friends, seek sponsors, get help from support group, chapter headquarters, als association. pick a nice day, grab some hot dogs, potatoe chips, soda and head to the park, pass out information brochures to people in the park, and ask for support,. please become an active advocate please give this your attention GOOD WORK BAD BALANCE IN CHICAGO
We do several teams here in Northern Colorado and in Texas as well.
i posted this because when i searched walk to defeat als 2012 the only post to pop up was from bad balance with no comments. thought it was an ignored issue. would like to see more responses to know its not the case
I posted about the Greater Chicago Walk last month and no one commented. I put it in announcements because it tells the date and location. Last year we raised almost $10,000 and directed it to research. That amount was probably due to the shock of my diagnosis at 50. I'm still slugging along, so the shock has worn off - this year we're at about $3,000 so far.
It's not the case. A lot of us are very active in our communities and our families communities as activists regarding ALS and treatments, compassionate treatment for us with drugs showing promise in phase III trials, and finding a cure. Not to worry.
My niece walked in the New York City ALS walk yesterday. I am so proud that she took he time to put together a team and raise funds for ALS.
Our support group is having a Walk and Roll for Awareness Walk next Saturday at the Tulsa University campus. Not a fundraiser just a walk for awareness. We have donations to help with expenses, we have a live band to keep things hopping. Hoping for a good turnout. One of support group members thought of this idea, but has since passed away. The walks in his honor but he did not want his name put on it. He said it is not about him, it is about awareness.
Team Tom (in honor of my husband) will be walking in Buffalo in August. My son, his wife and my step-daughter are all on our team and we can't wait. I surpassed my fundraising goal in three days and had to raise it! Woo hoo! When you start your team aim high.
Thanks for bringing attention to it Pearshoot! :)
Bhappy i apologise for the incorrect name GREAT JOB BHAPPY IN CHICAGO 2010 and 11 our team raised over 16,000 total, hope to hit your level this year. our walk is sep 27 jorden valley park, springfield mo everyone is invited
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