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Jan 20, 2006
The Burlington/Oakville Walk for ALS is in it's inaugural year and we are extremely excited about organizing a successful event. This year we have planned fundraising goal of $40,000 and with your support we can definately achieve this. Please join us at our 2006 Walk and help make our goal a reality!

:-D Barrie will be hosting our 5th walk this year on September the 9th at the Barrie Event Centre...every year we have a big pot luck lunch with last year feeding over 300 people...it is so much fun to be involved with the walks...it brings families together for a day and lets us promote ALS awareness and how we can enjoy the life and family that we have...lets all walk for a cure for ALS this year...and lets hope we get it soon!:cool:
Good Luck

I made a donation today Bugsy. Wishing you good luck with your walk.

Barb :)

Thank You Barb.My 1st donor!You are very generous.I'm hoping for about 20 family and friends to join me on May 22.Thanks again.

You are very welcome!

You are very welcome Bugsy (I love that name)

I hope you have a very successfull walk and that the day is bright and sunny. :-D


Barb :)
Hi Barbie.I noticed you are involved in the Alliston Walk.Good Luck!Gail is lucky to have such a caring friend as you!

Hey Bugsy:

How are you doing? Thanks for the note. Yes, this is my first walk I have ever done, so I am looking forward to it. My husband used to organize a walkadogathon to raise money for dogs for the blind and I used to watch Gail's kids so her and Tim could take their dog in it. I am used to watching from the sidelines, so now it is my turn.

I am overwhelmed by the support of my friends, family and coworkers, as well as Gail and Tim's many friends and family. So far so good. I haven't got a team of people, just me and a friend of mine are walking so far. maybe, next year I will try to assemble a team. :)

Hope you are well, and glad to hear from you.

Barbie :)
Barb, will you be my CFO?


Great fundraising! I see your almost over $2,000 already!

I signed up for the Newmarket walk for ALS and made up a webpage for Gail's friends and family to walk and raise money for ALS as a team.

I hope you can join us in September... we will be applying sunsreen and thinking of you on June 3rd.

Oh yeah, and cheering you with a glass of red wine!



Absolutely, I will be your CFO, !

Glad to see you got your website up and running for the Newmarket walk in September. Great picture of Gail!and great story.

Yes, so far, I have had great success and have surpassed the $2,000. mark when I add in pledges sent by mail and given to me on pledge forms. Now, If I could just get to the $13,000 mark, like "AL's Pals" did last year in Mississauga! Al will have to give us some of his secrets eh?

Yes, I will be working hard (hahaha) on June 3rd while you are soaking up the sun in Dominican. I know that you will be having more than one glass of wine for me. :)

If anyone else would like to check out our websites for ALS Ontario walkathons, the web addresses are:

http://www.als.ca/events/mysite.aspx?fid=480 Barbie's Alliston
http://www.als.ca/events/mysite.aspx?fid=510 Tim's Team Newmarket

Barbie :-D :mrgreen: :-D :mrgreen: :-D :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:
I checked into the Walk to D'Feet ALS the other day to see where there are walks around my area. I found one in Rochester, MN and another in Minneapolis, MN that would work great. I've tried to get info about how to organize a team and how to fundraise, but no one from ALSA has gotten back to me yet. Can you guys help me out?


Hi Marcia;

I am surprised that the Walk to D'feet ALS doesn't have a whole website that you could set everything up on. The ALS ontario site had a site where we could set up our own website for raising funds, had a link to tips on fundraising etc. When i joined on line for the closest walk to me, they sent me an email with the walk details and a contact name and number. I contacted the local organizer to get pledge forms.
Check out their website again. Next year, Tim and I will put a team together and do just one walk. That way, we aren't asking the same people more than once to donate.
It sure feels good to be actually doing something that might help. I just wish that someone would tell me that they were close to a cure. keep me posted on your sister's treatment. I know the neurologists have suggested that Gail would be a good candidate for trials as well.

bye for nowand keep smiling!:-D

Barb :)
May 22nd.One week to go!I've got about 40 joining us now.Great support!
Good Luck


40 people on your team?! Wow, that is awesome. It looks like the weather is going to be great for your day. I have 3 weeks left to go.

Congratulations Bugsy and good luck on your walk !

Barbie :)
Walk for ALS in Seaside Heights New Jersey

Hi all, There is a walk for AlS On May 20th at Seaside Heights New Jersey. Jack and all our family and friends will be there. We have at least a 100 of us. Don' know if anyone lives in the area but would love to meet you. Good luck on the 22nd of May. There will be a benefit for Jack on July 8th 2006 at the Lacey Elks in Forked River N.J. His friend have it all organized. I will post it on the calendar too. My best to all. Beebe
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