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Oct 16, 2008

I was trying to find out information about the Voyager lift system. My mother 82 years doesn't have ALS but has had a series of mini-strokes. She is in a wheel chair without much function of her legs and muscle weakness in her arms. She can stand holding onto a grab bar with a little bit of a struggle but can't walk. The nursing home said she either could go home with 24 hour care or stay there permanently. My mother hates it in the nursing home. I have my own health problems though and had already been trying to rehabilitate myself to help take care of my mother before this latest stroke 6 weeks ago. Before she was weak but able to walk and do a few tasks like some cooking and washing dishes, taking herself to the bathroom, etc..

I want to take care of my mother, I am totally dedicated to her, but to be realistic I do have strength issues and thought I would need a lift if I have any chance to bring her home. I saw some good reviews here on the Voyager electric lift. We had a home evaluation last week where 2 of the physical therapists brought my mother for practice with a beasy board to see if this was a reasonable option for us. A combination though of my mother's weakness and my own made it a struggle. I think it is a good option for something that could be used occasionally possibly if there were two people helping with it instead of me alone. For more repetitive use I thought a lift would work out better.

I wanted to find out if anyone has used the hygienic sling for this model? Is it worth the cost of getting this for toilet/commode use? My mother would most likely be in a wheelchair a good part of the day and she doesn't have much upper body strength to lift herself while in the chair. Is it difficult to get this Hygienic sling on someone in a wheel chair? I am planning on having someone come in to help in the mornings to get my mother out of bed, washed and dressed. After that I will be on my own for helping my mother to the bathroom. Our bathroom is very small and won't fit the portable track system.
The only way to have a track in there I believe would be having one installed in the ceiling but with the added cost I think we will be opting for one portable track system in the bedroom with a bedside commode to start with.

I was wondering, does anyone ever keep the sling on while a person is in a wheel chair so that it is all set to use or is it uncomfortable for the person to have that under them in a wheel chair? I'm trying to think out all of the possible strategies before I actually get her home. Anything that would make it more workable for me because of my own strength trouble. I want so badly for this to work out for my mother so that she can be more comfortable at home. She just doesn't do well in the nursing home, she feels very alone and told me she can't face having to stay there the rest of her life. I would be so grateful for any information. Thank you!
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