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Nov 9, 2006

I have to get some sort of voice recognition software for work to save wear and tear on what's left of my hands. Need to be able to type letters and memos, create and use tables, email, use internet, Microsoft Publisher and Excel, hopefully play the occassional game of Solitaire, and keep in touch with you guys.

What products have people used, found helpful (or not)? Any special widgets I'd need for the computer to make it work?

We have I.T. guys but they are not the brightest bulbs so I'd like to be armed with some knowledge of these things before they get involved.

Hi Liz. I use a program called Dragger 32 to make mousing easier and a word prediction program called Word Q. They make it easier to use this forum and Word program. They aren't voice recognition but will help if you just need something simple for now. AL.
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Hi guys. This is my first posting using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. There is definitely a learning curve and I'm just starting to climb it. My ears hurt and my hair is a mess from the headset. I wonder how long it will be until I'm good at this.


I had to type my name, because when I spoke it the screen flipped to my user profile. What's up with that?:-?
Voice recognition software


I use Dragon Naturally Speaking. I have version 9.0. I previously used it in my practice for years. It isn't perfect and sometimes the results can be comical. I haven't had any experience with the other alternatives. It requires some getting used to. There are ways to navigate around the computer screen in addition to word processing. However, it seems to have some problems navigating this website and does some weird things which can be frustrating. However, it will help save or at least rest your hands.

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Hi Liz,

congratulations on getting the program. Your screen probably flipped because it thought you were giving it a command (go to Liz's file) when in fact you were "dictating" your name and expecting it to write it. Repeat your name as you hold down the shift key. That tells it to go the dictation dictionary and pick out the closest match to what you just said and write it.

Opposite: you say "period" and want it to put the period at the end of the sentence, but it writes out the word "period." This is a "command" not a "dictation" hold down the Control key and say period and it goes to the command dictionary and picks out the . and writes it. It is a very fast guesser but sometimes it just needs to know which dictionary to use. I wrote you a private note and I would love to help you if I can. I have been using and training others on the program over 15 years. Best Wishes, Peg
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