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Peg B

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Nov 5, 2006
Dear Al (as well as Others,

Awhile back you wrote about having trouble using the Keyboard and talked about some Assistive Technology (AT), in particular Dragon Naturally Speaking. I wrote a rather long response as to how wonderful and helpful this program is but I cannot find that thread or my response. I assume I put it in wrong.

This has been the focus of my career for about 15 years now. I would love to help you Al or anyone else work with this and some other products, like the free text reader, (which will say out loud anything you type into it.) at

I have worked with students with reading and writing disabilities for a long time and the products are very adaptable to meet a variety of needs. Is there any interest along these lines? Please let me know.
Hi Peg. I'm sure there would be some interest. I'm not sure where the post is either. I'll try and find it tomorrow. It is in the middle of another topic and we got a bit side tracked but it was still relevant to the conversation. If I can I'll move it up to this thread.
Found it - I think

Hi Al,

Good morning or Good Night?

I found it under "Newbie" January 19, 2007, according to the postings listed under my name. I am getting a bit better in understanding how to work within the forum. I am blessed and feel good but I seemed to have changed by internal time clock and stay up pretty late now that I do not work.

You and all are very helpful. Congrats on the grand children and many blessings to you and yours.
I believe it is morning or at least it is here in the Eastern Standard time zone. Same as New York City for you that aren't sure of the time zones. Thanks for the atta boy comment. It is nice to know some appreciate what we try to do here. We had a couple here that were difficult to say the least and if you look under the People with ALS forum and the topic the ant and the contact lens you will see what I mean. Tough day at the office. You can't please all the people all the time. But we try.
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