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May 25, 2004
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I read recently that if we are taking Vitamin E it should be Gamma E. Has anyone seen this product? I've been to 2 stores and a health food store and no one seems to have heard about it. It may have been an American article I was reading so it may be only available down there. Anybody have any information? Supposedly the Gamma E does more than the regular Vitamin E.
It sounds familiar. I'll check out the book I read that talks about it and let you know. -me- (Melissa)
Al - Here is the information I have read. I will see if I can find places to get it. It does talk about the "Gamma"


This information is taken from Gary Null’s “Power Aging” book. I thought it had a lot of good health tips. I looked him up on the internet and of course there are people out there who think he is a quack. I don’t know, maybe he takes things too far with the natural and healthy living, but it can’t all be wrong. So, take the following as you want:

Page 107 “Also very important for heart disease is natural (not synthetic) vitamin E (with tocotrienols and the gamma fraction) generally with 400 IU with tocotrienols at 100 mg.

Page 163-164 “The researchers concluded that there was a superiority of a combined vitamin E plus C supplementation over a vitamin E supplementation alone in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Page 164 “Desnuelle and a group of researchers from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service in Nice, France, say that there is evidence that oxidative stress may be involved in the pathogenesis of ALS. They say that past research shows that the antioxidant vitamin E slows the onset and progression of paralysis in mice. Their study using 500 mg twice daily of alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) was designed to determine its effects on ALS.

The study recruited 289 patients with ALS for less than 5 years. They were on riluzole. They received either vitamin E or placebo for one year. The results were that patients receiving riluzole vitamin E remained longer in the milder states of ALS, and at 3 months there were changes in biochemical markers of oxidative stress. The researchers urge further studies.”

Reference info: Desnuelle, C; Dib, M; Garrel, C; Favier, A. A double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) in the treatment of ALS. ALS riluzole-tocopherol Study Group. Amyotroph Lateral Scler Othe rMotor Neuron Disord. 2001 Mar; 2(1): 9-18
Here's some more info:

Beyond Alpha Tocopherol
The Role of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols in Nutrition and Health

Andreas M. Papas, Ph.D.

Eastman Chemical Company

Dr. Papas, a Senior Technical Associate for Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN, and an Adjunct Professor at James Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, provided a stimulating presentation on the role of tocopherols and tocotrienols in nutrition and health. Dr. Papas is a well established expert in his field, among his many academic honors, he was named a Fulbright Scholar from 1969-1973. His research focuses on antioxidants, particularly tocopherols and tocotrienols in health and nutrition, and in 1999 he published a book entitled The Vitamin E Factor.

Dr. Papas gave a brief overview of the vitamin E family of compounds, emphasizing alpha-tocopherol as the predominant and most active form of vitamin E. The vitamin E family consists of two main categories: tocopherols and tocotrienols. These two main categories contain four members each, alpha, beta, gamma or delta, based on differences in their chemical structures. Alpha and beta-tocopherols and alpha-tocotrienols appear to exhibit the most vitamin E activity. Although tocopherols have been more thoroughly studied, tocotrienols are the focus of increasing research interest and have also demonstrated unique health effects.

Dr. Papas reviewed the biological effects of both tocopherols and tocotrienols with respect to breast, prostate, leukemia and melanoma cancer cells. In addition, he reviewed their numerous beneficial effects in maintaining blood cholesterol levels, decreasing inflammation, and improving function of the cardiovascular system through their antioxidant capabilities. Recent research also suggests that tocopherols and tocotrienols may improve cognitive function in subjects with Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Papas urged the audience to eat a balanced healthy diet with more fruits and vegetables. In addition, he recommended supplementation with vitamin E as follows:

100 IU alpha-tocopherol + 100 mg mixed tocopherols for individuals without a history of coronary heart disease (CHD)
200 IU alpha-tocopherols + 200 mg mixed tocopherols for individuals with some risk factors for CHD, and
400 IU alpha-tocopherols + 400 mg mixed tocopherols for individuals at high risk for CHD.
Hi Al:

I've heard of them. When you go to the GNC or wherever you get your stuff look for the mixed tocopheryls. Most Vitamin E supplements are only Alpha Tocopheryls. The mixed stuff has alpha beta and gamma. It should read as such on the label.

Don't let them confuse "natural source" with mixed tocopheryl E as that's what they'll try and sell you!
Mary used to take it and I know that I used to get it at GNC. Did this come from the Symposium?

Sorry to sound uninformed but what is GNC? Melissa sent some info on it as well. This didn't come out of the Symposium but came from reading postings on the Yahoo Groups Living with ALS site. The Symposium went well. We did 2 workshops with Stephen Jenkinson on The Masculin Face of Grief and Care for the Caregiver. They were quite interesting as Stephen has some different ideas on grief and dying. He really made a lot of sense. Very interesting food for thought as they say. There was something for everyone from Volunteer Fundraisers to Pals and Cals and the local and National Staff of ALS. Met some really nice people. I would have expected to see more Pals there but I guess it would be a mobility problem with a lot of us. The Documentary on Friday night was called Bearing Witness. It is the story of Robert Coley-Donahue and the last 3 years of his life with ALS. Strangely enough he had lost his wife to ALS as well a few years previously. The film is 90 min long and is quite moving. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house for the screening. 2 Of his children were there and we got a chance to talk to his daughter Lisa as well as the producer of the film. We have ordered a copy for us and our support group. They are available on the website. Dr. Janice Robertson gave a talk on Research and Terry Wise gave the Garegivers perspective and signed copies of her book. As I said : something for everyone. A very rewarding experience. Well I guess I have put enough here for today. Have our first support group meeting in Brampton tonight so I had better get going. Carol my thoughts are with you and everyone else on the forum. Take care.
Sorry Al:

GNC is the name of the store. They are a chain that you can find in most malls. I used to go to the one at Markville.

Good that the symposium was worth the effort.

Not much of a mallrat so I'm unfamiliar with that store. I'll take a look or see if I can find them in the yellow pages. Thanks.
T- thanks for saving Al from too much info! I thought you were looking for information or thoughts about vitamin.....when really a simple answer would have done it! Well, I guess there's some info. for anyone interested in reading it!

Hi Melissa:
I don't know, but I just reread Al's request and it seemed as if he was asking for information. So your response is appropriate!

I read years ago about an Australian man who was taking all sorts of supplementary medication with some success. He mentioned there that the gamma tocopheryl Vitamin E was working for him. But there was no scientific background information on it... just the anecdotal.

Glad to see that you are part of the 30 or so percent of Americans who vote! We're all waiting with baited breath up here to see who will be appointed this time... and how long it will take!

Take care

Thanks Melissa and TBear. I was looking for more information as well as a source of the Vit. E.. Had our first support group meeting last night. There were 4 PALS and 4 CALS and 1 friend of a PAL 1 son of a PAL and Wendy Jeffers from the ALS Society. Went pretty smooth. Nice bunch of people. Ended at 11:45 so we must of had a good time. Learned a few things. So all in all a productive evening. Miserable out there again today. Florida sounds better every day. And while we are at it what is everyone's opinion of taking creatin?
Another question. How do you get hold of the webmaster or whoever runs the show? My friend is having trouble posting.
Hi, I only have a minute on here, as homework is priority for the kids, or so I try to preach. On occasion, they listen to me, however the wax is only out of their ears the night before the assignment is due.....lordy...Al,
there may be a GNC store in Bramalea City Centre, almost positive, on the lower level in the middle of the mall. I think. Take a look.
You guys partied that late on Monday...wild ones. It was a great group and meeting. I hope the person who was having trouble posting can get rectified. I wanted to talk to the rest of them more, but duty will always call no matter what evening it is.
Talk to every one later.
Hey, Fisher, congrats on the nuptuals. Fabulous news.!
Hi nighthawk!

We did the creatin route when it was first discussed as a possible mitigation solution. While a lot of people seemed to be using it I believe that the results were inconclusive... but we stayed with it anyway. Body builders use it but have some ramping up process that they follow. I'm not sure how best to include it in a medication regimen. Hope this helps.

I have trouble sleeping so I stay up late most nights. One of the guys in the support group was talking about creatin and I had read about others using it. The one guy said he thinks he feels better when he takes it and if he quits he feels weaker so I think I might try it. Already take CoQ10, Vit.E but not the good stuff I'm told and Vit. C. Those were suggested by one of the Doc's at Sunnybrook. Not sure if any of it is working but then who knows. Feel weaker than I did a month ago. Think I hit a plateau during the summer and have slipped off the side now. Still able to hold my wine glass though. Pants can be a problem. Tried to hammer a nail the other day. Not fun hit my hand about 3 times. Off to West Park tonight for a sleep study. Fun WOW. Catch you later.
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Hi Guys finally got on site to post.I had to go to the Board and get a new password and they had to activated it for me.Thanks Al for asking everyone. I was ready to give up.
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