Veterans, those serving and family members....

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Aug 28, 2013
Get Real
I enlisted in the Army, served with 1st Field Forces, decorated, one of
the highest awards, Viet Nam Veteran with Honorable Discharge.
Served in a war many would like to forget.

Our former president not long ago on video interviews, text messages said
those who served were suckers, concerning John McCain, when
questioned about John he said he liked those who didn’t get captured.
And, the one who avoided the draft with a family connected doctor
got 4F for bone spurs which never seem to bother him golfing.
Not one of his family members served our country in any way.

Now he wants a highly decorated, Purple Heart winner General tried
for treason and even executed. General Milley did his best to keep
our military under control and discouraged the former president from
going to war with Iran. Iran’s military capability is very formable,
our losses would have been awesome. Iran is no comparison to the
rag tag military Iraq was. Iran had long range missiles, attack drones,
state of the art fighter jets, bombers and special forces, Yegan Vijeh,
an extremely elite force and the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Then supporting Putin’s quest, at the time, to invade Ukraine saying
he understood Ukraine was always a part of Russia. Undoubtedly he
would have given Putin the go ahead.

I was not a sucker for serving my country. General Milley was not sucker
for his outstanding service, love of country and our Constitution.

I will be in disbelief if any veteran, anyone currently serving, retired,
or family of any of the above votes for the former president.

There... had to clear my craw.
I am truly horrified at the blatant disrespect in the above and also toward wounded veterans and Gold Star families. All who served, and those who serve now deserve thanks and respect always as do the families that sacrificed and supported them. No Al you are definitely not a sucker
Nikki, thanks for mentioning the Gold Star families, most of all the Gold Star father
Khan. Most likely the former president had a problem with his last name.

And a message the former president sent to General Milley concerning a
disabled veteran in a wheel chair who lost an arm and legs at a ceremony
he later didn't think was appropriate. Asking Milley he really didn't want to
see that in future. He did greet the veteran... for nothing but show but it
apparently bothered him to have to do it.
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