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Apr 6, 2008
Hi my name is jennifer I'm 35
I have been having some symptoms that are really upsetting. I started having pain in my ltr leg About 2yrs ago then it went to the other leg I do have sciatica in the lft leg I get tons of muclse pain and fasculations in both leg . Then about a yr ago I started getting burning cramping and sharp pain in my hands. And it stopes for a while. I also hurt my shoulder about a yr ago throwing a toy to my dog. The. A few months ago my shoulder and upper arm starting hurt I also get alot of tingling and sharp pains in my hand and upper arm and cramping that feels like it goes into my chest. I had MRI of the neck, shoulder upper andlower back, and neck. Which showed bursitis in the let shoulder, the start of arthritis my my neck and a herniated disk with a slight tare in at l4 l5. I also noticed my arms feel heavy at times ans also get tired from typing blowdrying my hair ect. And now within the past week it has starting in the right arm. I am so scared I have 2 very young children. I am having so much pain in my arms that I can't sleep. I know I have really bad anxiety I cry all the time I'm extremely depressed and fustrated over the pain. I am to the point that I don't think in can deal with this much longer. I don't know if I have ALS I ask my neurologist last year and he laughed at me all he did was an exam and said it probably fibro and gave me antidepressants. I am so tired all the time and. Can barely take of the kidsy husband who is really understanding says we will find adoctir if it take 20 to figure out what is wrong . I am also getting this sensation were it feel like my body and muscles are shaking inside. And what really scares me is the tiredness and pain that is now in both arms.. Please if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I'm sorry for the spelling and writing I'm not to good ant writing my feelings. I want know does ALS cause pain and cramping feelings like this tingling and burning? Please help
I also forgot to mention cold hands and feet, dizziness on and off cramping in my thumbs. And the pain also goes under my arm and arm pits. Extreme jaw clenching. Burning and tingling on the bottom of the foot and and burning sensations, and jaw twiches, and I get these sharp muscle pains in the chest. I also don't get much physical activity. I know this sounds like alot but I really maybe someone can help.
thank you for your quick replies. What is scaring me is the pain and fatigue I am feel in now both arm which started in one. My arm is getting sore and tired just typing. Also the cramping. I have read lots of things that ALS can be painful and can start that way. I am very anxious I have been crying uncontrolably most today. My husband is working and I'm alone with the kids idont even have strenth to take care of them. I'm so tired of going to dr.s and them laughing and saying its nothing. I am in real physical pain its not nothing.
I just feel nobody beleives me the shoulder pain got like about a few months ago it different then pain I have now and a few days ago. It started in the other hand I have not had an emg on my arm had one 3 yes ago when my back went out. I have normal blood work they said was normal and went a place that does biodemical horses they are checking other stuff cpk i think that's what its called. I have read ALS does cause that's in the should upper and armpit also fatigue in the arms am I wrong.
I go to a chiro and nothing is helping tried anti depressant which caused more anxiety. I also had 4 injection my back last yr with no relief
sorry but also I can't stop crying for about 2 mths now over everything. Also screening and yelling.
I also read that ALS is diff for everyone. I just wish I could stop crying.
I was left ankle response was weaker then the right and so was the strenth in my left hand. That was a yr ago. It feels like the inside of my muscles shake and I get these sharp pains and spasms
Also muscle twitching in all part of the body.
can someone please give me more imput I'm at the end of my rope. I have 2 very young children and I'm scared to death.
I do totally agree with what you are saying i know I need help I have apt with a phych today and one with a neuro in 2weeks. I just dont understand why its so hard for anyone here to possibly beleive that i can have als. you sound like the docs chalking everything up to dpression and anxiety. maybe i did not explain my symptoms correct.

I started and muscle pain in one leg about 2 yrs about then it went to the other then came the fasculations then i started getting tingling in the hands then came the shoulder arm and under arm pain and then now over the past week and a half its starting in the other arm. i was told about a yr ago by a physical therapinst that i had lower muscle strenth in the lft hand and lower reflex in the lft ankle.

Maybe i am obsessing over this but im sure most people on here did the same thing and do when they are scared. I have tried anti depressents they numb me and make me have panik attacks.

I just want someone to understand because know in my home does they all think im invincible and knowone is.

i do understand you and yes we all have been scared at sometime. none of us can say for definate whats wrong with you. anxiety/depression can be a symptom or cause but it can definatly make symptoms worse. see a rheumotologist first,they will tell you if they think it is more neurological. i do speak with experiance of this.
i began with muscle spasms in my legs 8yrs ago and firstly was sent to see a rheumatologist, had tests done all ok but 4mths after spasms started i developed neurological weakness in my left leg and foot drop. so i was sent to neurologist and my reflexes were hyper. the spasms are 24/7 and i have developed limb girdle muscle weakness and need aids to walk. i have now developed some chewing/speach problems due to jaw spasms/weakness. i have had every test done to rule out everything other than mnd. they even did serial mri's for a few years to rule out ms.
i still dont have a definate diagnosed as yet but my neuro is suspecting pls, i did panic as some symptoms seem to be more lmn and worried about als, but my progression has been slow and i dont have any atrophy so as my neuro said its looking hopefull.
i just try to take things one day at a time and get on with life, and yes i do sometimes get depressed or anxious but try to get past this as it can make symptoms worse.
the pain etc is not all in your head, there is something wrong but als seems the less likely cause. talk to your husband and see your doctor,get your husband to go with you for support.
god bless
I'm so I am so scared of dying becuase I love my kids so much. I don't want them to grow up whithout a mother. The earlier of any apps are for next week I made one with a rhuematologist and one with a neurology m
I'm suppose to go away this weekend with one of my sons and I want to csncle because I'm so paralyzed with fear we are suppose to visit family

we all have those fears, my son is 19 so he is old enough to understand my illness and helps me alot. i am glad you have made some appointments and hope they go well.
i know its easy to say but for now try not to worry and go on your trip to see your family with your son. as i said before with no disrespect but your children will be feeling your anxiety and deppression. you sound a very loving mum who wants the best for her children and you have understandable fears but for now remember they are just fears.
is your husband supportive with regards to your illness and emotional state? if this is personal sorry. you need someone close to you for emotional support who you can talk to but we are always here if you need that.
god bless
So sorry for you fear/anxiety right now! I think it's normal to get slightly worried when you feel as if your body is going 'out of control.'

I had 2 abnormal muscle biopsies, because of muscle weakness. One showed a myopathy, the other denervation.

You are taking the right steps towards finding out what is wrong. It takes time.

Maybe the neuropsychiatrist will be able to help with the anxiety. Anxiety does tend to make things worse, but I do believe anxiety plays a role in us, when we get ill. I think it's the body telling us there's something wrong.

I was in the hospital when a psychiatrist was sent to evaluate me before my muscle biopsy....long story, but he turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. He wasn't there to judge me, just help. He did, and still does.

The best to you as you search for your diagnoses. God bless you!
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