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Jun 1, 2006
They call me Mtpockets, which fits for a man who has been disabled for 18 years now with chronic low back pain and nerve damage. But I was blessed with 4 children and 14 grandchildren who mean the world to me. After learning to live with chronic pain in back and legs for past 18 years figured I had a handle on things. Then about 2 years ago started having muscle spasms in lower legs, over few months moved to calfs, then to thighs, then to rib cage, and now all way to arms.
The many doctors I went to tried all they could do to help and finally sent me to a well known neurologist who herself is a paraplegic. She ran extensive tests, nerve conduction, emg, blood work ups, swallow tests. and just this tuesday I was told what we all had been expecting. I have ALS. Seems like I've had it for a couple of years because that's when the symptoms started. So far I have lost most of the use of my legs, arms are becoming very weak, and the left half of my esophgous is paralized.
So far I seem to be taking this pretty well, better than my wife. I feel I have lived a good full life, almost 60 years now, and I am comfortable with my spiritual relationship with God. When he thinks the time is right for me to move on I will, but that does not mean I'm gonna just lay down and give up. Oh no I will do whatever I can to help myself and others live with this disease.
So far my main concern is working on my positive attitude,which is a problem at times.:oops:
I appreciate all the advice I see on this site and welcome any and all support.
May God bless
Hi MTPockets,
I like your name...I think we should have given that name to my dad after I got married. I think I drained his bank account a little while growing up as the only daughter. It sounds like you have a great attitude which will help with this disease. I think the better your attitude is, the better you feel. Anyways, I hope your wife will find some support here too. This is life changing for you and the family who surrounds you. It effects us all. Good luck to you and God bless.
Hello MTPockets,
Sounds like you have had a life similar to my brothers ,, with all that back pain stuff. However, it does sound like your attitude is good and as Dana said ,, that is the most important thing to keep a handle on. We all have bad days,, just try to remember the good ones you've had. And God Bless your walk with the Lord,, i feel the same way you do. When God is ready for me,, then i am ready to go. Until then ,, we enjoy our families, and try to help encourage others.
Good luck with your fight of this disease,, and enjoy life to the fullest.
Love and Prayers
Hey MT if you got through Katrina you must be a survivor. Think I passed through Gulfport a long time ago. Too bad we didn't meet. Maybe someday i'll get back that way and we can have a coffee. You look after yourself hear!
Hey Grandpa AL

I'm a AL too. middle name. Use to be a fireman at one time also. I was wondering how you post an image, or avatar. Have they discontinued doing that now? Tried to post one yester day and was not able to get it to take..........
Thanks everyone for the great encouragement, looking forward to this site and it's info very much.
I was also the one who posted under AL about my Lawnmower running over my pecan tree almost, and when I saw there was already an AL here fell back to my MT name.
Well leaving to visit neurologist for now to get the latest findings. God Bless everyone and have as best a day as you can.:-D
Hey Al. Go back to the New Members area and there is a sticky that tells how to upload an avatar. You could also type Avatar into the search column and I think there are some postings from others on the subject. Take care. Al.
Thanks for the help AL

I appreciate the help Al.
Just saw neurologist yesterday and she is putting me on a bi-pac I think that is what they call it and going to learn more about the feeding tubes.
Doing pretty good for an old guy thou. Now if I could just remember what it was I came into this room in the house for? Senior moments. or as my sister would say crs. Can't remember "stuff". :oops:
Up here in Canada we call them brain farts. Was it a Bipap she is putting you on for your breathing? If it is I've been on one for a year and a half. No big deal and it makes it easier to breathe lying down. takes a bit of getting used to but not as scary as it sounds. Let me know if that is what it is. Take care Al.
Yes it was Bi-Pap

Thanks for the update. I'm beginning to get use to mine now. seems to help me sleep longer at night. God Blesss and hope all; is well as much as possible.
my hubby has als

when we were told that he had als they ask him if he what a feed tuby he said no so he was having boost and pudding that was all he was eaten then i staret to make soup and stew and put them in bleder i all so cook meat and pototo veg and put them all in bleder at same time and he eats all off it and it has made him feel berter my name is betty we live in hope bc i hope this help somone
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