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Oct 10, 2008

Could you ask my daughter to create her own profile and user name. Her name is Domino she always logs in under my name. she is a cals. my guess is she will spend alot of time on here.

Best thing for you to do is change your password (in the user CP link at top of page) that way she cant anymore. She will then be forced to create her own account.
Hi Domino. We do prefer that people have their own identity. If you post a question under your dad's name you might get a different type answer than we would give his children. Your dad or mom can show you how to register.

Thanks Al And Steve

Thank you for explaining that al, that is the very reason i wanted her to create her own. I am Domino's mom. I have ALS Domino is 23 years old and i am sure she has questions for you all. Thank for the help.
I am around Domino's age (24). My mum may have a variation of ALS. If she needs a friend, tell her to look for me.

god bless.
New to the forum

This is Domino and i have finally made my own account. I couldnt figure out what my mom was always doing on the computer and i am now happy to know (seems really helpful) This being maybe the hardest thing for me to understand and deal with. I feel like if I dont talk about it that maybe it will go away but i guess thats not true... I admire everyone dealing with als especially my mom she's so strong and keeps me well informed. I welcome any new information.
welcome Domino! :)
Hi Domino,

Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of really helpful people here and I'm sure they'll be able to answer your questions or lend support.

You can start by just reading some of the threads here. Especially read the rules and the stickys at the top of each section. If there's a particular topic you're interested in you can use the Search feature.

There's also a CALS section called "ALS/MND Caregiver Support Group" that might be helpful.

Hi Domino. Welcome to the forum. Hope we can be of some help.

hello Domino,
Welcome to our big forum family. You should be able to learn a lot about ALS and also gain support here too. It really is a great bunch of people.
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