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Jan 28, 2007
My husband has ALS.

My Mother is friend's with an ALS research scientist, named Kris P. ( his actual name was shortened for his privacy sake). -- My son is good friend's with their son -- and they have been friends since grade school. ( the nickname of their son is POPS. Again the actual name of the kid was changed for privacy sake).

This teenage boy, POPS is such a joy to be around, and he is such a good kid. We all just love him so dearly. He is smart like his father, and the world really needs good young men like POPS -- so please, pray for him in his hour of need.

My mother just told me that the young son, POPS, has double pneumonia and a staph infection - and they really need prayer for healing.

Please pray for the Son - (POPS)- of this ALS scientist - because I am sure that as a parent it is hard to concentrate on the cure for ALS when your own son is very sick and fighting a serious illness.
In Fact, The illness of this young son, literally could impact the lives of 30,000 American ALS Patients. You ask me how is that possible ? If the illness of the boy lingers on, then the father, may not be able to direct his full concentration on the cure for ALS....( The father holds 4 or 5 doctorate degrees and is one of the best scientific minds on planet earth - so we really need him to be at his personal best ) ..... We all know what it is like to be a HUMAN parent of a sick child, it is hard to concentrate on anything else except our beloved child's well being.

SO, We ALL need to lift up this very sweet and wonderful family in prayer - because daily he works hard to try and find a cure for us folks with ALS. -- Now folks, it is our turn to bless them, and to give our best prayers to KRIS P. and his son POPs.

We also all know what is like to be waiting on a medical cure - to be waiting for a recovery - We all know what it is like to be hoping for the best outcome - and to be silently worried about the worst, to worry about sickness and it's toll on the human body ........

AND we all probably realize that sometimes ALL we can really do is PRAY to GOD and HOPE for the best, -- to hope for a total healing.

The Bible says that when Jesus came to earth - JESUS HEALED THEM ALL -- in fact the Gospel book of John says that Jesus did so many miracles, that all the libraries of the world could not contain all the stories of them all !

I humbly ask all of you PALS to bow your head in a moment of prayer to Jesus for POPS to fully recover from this sickness. -- I also ask we pray for this family the be at peace, and to have blessed assurance that all is going to be well with their beloved son.
I do pray that the PEACE, and LOVE of GOD be upon them all.

I certainly will pray for this family and POPS. A sick child is parents worst nightmare and I feel for anyone who has to deal with something like that. I hope he is better very soon. Leslie
Hi Linda,

POPS and family are in my prayers. I believe there is a powerful synergy in group prayer.

Everybody on this list remains in my prayers.

God bless. Sharon

I too will keep POPS in my prayers.

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