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Sep 13, 2003
I'm new here. I've recently been provisionally diagnosed with ALS. For 4 months, I managed fairly well with the symptons (loss of hand utility, fascicualtions, general weakness). Seven weeks ago, I had an IV-IG treatment and started taking 60 mg daily Predisone. Since then, I've been in steep decline. Now, my body twitches all over and the muscles are really tensing.

I plan to go to Emergency on Sunday or Monday. But has anyone out there experienced this? Can they stabilize my condition? Any advice or suggestions at all?

Thank you

muscle stiffness/cramping

Hi Dan,
I am new on here also, but have been suffering with ALS for 7 years. Cramping was somthing I struggled with constantly, especially during the night. It felt like being charly horsed in the legs.

Join the forums here and there's plent of really great information and helpful people in the same situation, it's been a god send to have such good people to help with this dreadful disease.

My best wishes for you and your family......Donovan. :D
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