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Dec 10, 2007
Level #4: 0.2 Test Date: 20-March-2008
Dose #4: 150mg x 4 / day Date change: 3-Apr-2008


My blood levels tested at 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.2.
Looking back, when I tested 0.3 I had the blood drawn on a Dr visit (as opposed to at lab) on a day when I had not expected to get blood drawn. It is likely that I had taken my morning dose before the Dr visit (you're not supposed take any for 12hrs before getting blood drawn), so the 0.3 probably was in error, and makes sense because I had not increased the dosage since 0.2.

Not being at the 0.4 target is actually good news, because I don't feel real good and being at only 0.2 gives room for improvement when I get to 0.4.
Got a cold, theres tons of pollen everywhere (no contact lenses until May) and I cut up a finger on my good hand--tried to catch my bike when it fell, and grabbed the (broken) mirror. But I had been earlier lamenting the indignity of being unable to hold a fork properly (having to hold it like a screwdriver) but in the middle of the night last night I realized that I am holding forks correctly these days!

We were hoping to not have to go beyond 450mg, but looking at the spreadsheet I see plenty of folks are at 600mg/day or higher.

left hand useless, right hand atrophied, walking doable but kinda awkward, throat tight, neck weak, fasics constant, that creepy walked-through-a-spiderweb itchiness (theres a neuro term for that, but i've forgotten it).

i had developed fascics inside one ear. it made a scratchy sound annoyed me when i tried to sleep. anybody else had that? it almost sounded like there was an insect crawling around in there. we poured some "swimmer's ear" medication in there and it went away.
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