Updated on my neuro appointment and some more questions


Mar 14, 2024
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Hi everyone,

More than 2 months since my last post and I would like to post an update regarding some of my circumstances and my appointment with my neuro.

My previous thread

I have noticed that my twitching has been a whole lot better and only occasional at some points. I also had an EMG and NCS and the results just came back last week which were reassuring that all findings were normal according to the conclusion in the report.

But I have just some more questions that I’d like to clarify if that’s alright and I think your responses would be helpful to reassure me further. Basically the NCS and EMG were conducted on my right side muscles (right arm and leg) so I would like to ask if there were indeed some degeneration in muscle functions like in ALS, would an EMG at least pick those abnormalities up even in unchecked muscles, like for example, my left side arm and leg? Also, just one more question if I might, that I told my neuro after the results that I am still somehow feeling stiff in my left pinky and ring, and she reassured me that it was not really a concern considering the EMG was normal. Therefore, is it correct that the stiffness feeling in fingers is not a concern at this stage like my neuro said?

Thank you and appreciate your responses and time as always.
Glad to hear your results came back normal!

To answer your other questions:

- No, getting the EMG done on the right side would not pick up problems on the left side as far as I understand.
- Correct, the stiffness feeling is not any concern for ALS and has tons of potential causes. If it's concerning follow up on the issue with your GP

Can I ask regarding it’s not picking up problems on the left side, would it be necessary (if any) for me to do another test for the left side?

Also yes will do re stiffness. It’s just sometimes those stiffness accompanied ny a bit of tremors kinda make me worried a bit. But I agreed that might be the best suggestion to do for now.
You had symptoms on your right side too. They do not need to do every muscle or even every area to rule out ALS. And in ALS they often find abnormalities in places the PALS has no symptoms. You are good to go
Thank you Nikki. That’s reassuring.
Wish all the best to you and the people in this forum
Hi everyone, I forgot to attach the emg summary table. And if anyone wouldn’t mind interpreting it, I assume it’s also normal like what it said in the doctor’s conclusion?

Thank you and appreciate your time.


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It's already been interpreted- Normal. The person conducting the exam would not make a false statement. You are good to go.
Thank you again Shiftkicker. Appreciate your comment and all the kind people here who replied to my questions.

I hope all the best for everyone here.