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Feb 7, 2020
Learn about ALS
Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all keeping as well as possible during this time. I just wanted to give a quick update, I had a neurology appointment for June but was cancelled so I had an over the phone appointment yesterday.

The neurologist said the results show; I had a normal MRI and a normal EMG and NCS. Blood results show low vitamin D and extremely low folic acid. She said she wasn’t sure if this was the cause of symptoms or something else underlying but definitely no neurological concerns at this time. She also mentioned benign fasciculation syndrome, she recommended I work with my GP now and take supplements as they have ran all the possible tests with no cause for concern.

I initially let the overthinking take over again and thought what if it was done to early? Ridiculous I know, (took me a few hours to realise this!). This has led me to pursue help with anxiety while I work with my doctor to focus on getting better with health and the symptoms. This is for anyone who is “experiencing” what they think is als symptoms. My symptoms; twitching constantly, confirmed atrophy (by neurologist) in more then one area, confirmed tongue fasciculations, fatigue, stiffness in baby + ring finger and trouble using left hand, change in volume of voice and easily getting tired when speaking, trouble pronouncing certain words, shortness of breath, perceived weakness and loss of certain movements with toes on left side. I FEEL like all of this gets worse by the day and have no diagnosis but I still do not have ALS! Please take the advice of the people here, your doctors and from my own experience of worrying myself sick about this disease. Worrying about tomorrows problem takes away from today’s peace.

Thank you all so much for your kind advice during my panic and all the best to everyone, stay safe!
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