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Jun 18, 2007
East Texas
In reagrds to everyone's advice, I racked my brain to death yesterday trying to figure out what in the WORLD me and my husband have done differently to bring upon this insane twitching (coupled with only my muscle weakness). We decided that at this point we were moving out of this temporary housing to a new home (which we planned on doing soon anyway) due to suspicion of mold since we could not think of one single thing that could be affecting us.

Well, this morning I go in to make my usual couple of coffee with the SPLENDA that we all started using a month ago! :shock: I couldn't believe I did not think of this.

I run to my husband and tell him. I got on the internet and found only 1-2 sites where people complained of muscle twitches. This is our new plan, but I need your advice:

I am completely stopping Splenda from my diet, but he IS NOT, so that I can see if all my symptoms subside. In case of the possibility that it is not splenda (but maybe a mold) we do not want to leave the house at the same time we quit the splenda b/c then we would never know which one it was harming us....My question is,

(1)how long do you think that I need to stay off Splenda before I would notice an extreme improvement which would allow me to realize that it was the Splenda harming us? Please keep in mind that at the same time we do not want to stay in this house just in case it is a mold. Would 5 days be suffice?

(2) Is it even probable that we could BOTH be affected by Splenda with the same symptoms? I only use 2-3 packets a day for coffee/cereal...and my husband uses one a day for cereal.

I agree with Jimercat....and if your twitching is from ALS, please let me buy the lottery ticket and a guard for the bus that will run over me as i'm buying it....

Move out and get off the splenda.

Good Luck,

Jamie- believe me, I want to move out and stop the splenda...

but stopping the splenda is a LOT cheaper than buying a new house..and if it is just the splenda....there would be no point. LOL
Breathe - When I read your post I let out a loud "Oh my God"! As a journalist, I have done quite a bit of research on Splenda, get the picture. They are very bad news/pure poison for the body. Please research and look for scientists and others who are trying to get warnings about this poison put on our labels. Maybe you will find how long it will take to repair your system. I would think it depends on what kind of damage it has caused. Hopefully you will notice an improvement quickly, but stay off the crap. Children have suffered terribly by being fed diets of Splenda and Nutrasweet. I wrote about one family who removed sugar from their child's diet. The child's cereal was splenda, Popsicles, ice cream, everything he ate. A month later he was having seizures. Please keep us informed of how well you do off it. Good luck. Leslie
Leslie, thanks so much for the feedback!

I am trying not to worry....I have used aspartame FOREVER (or at least 5 years with coffee, diet drinks, etc)...even letting my kids have some diet coke...but it SOOOOOOOO over with now. The thing with Splenda.....we have only used it a month. After looking all over the web yesterday, I decided to pull my husband away from his guinea pig position as the one to continue with Splenda. It makes me too nervous. We are now totally off of it and are going to give it a two week period. We figure, if it is mold (which by the way we cannot see it anywhere in the house....just kind of made are house is on beams...not a concrete slab) then what is one more week gonna hurt here(?)

Do you know that between my husband and I we have spoken to a dr. we go to church with, a dr. my husband works with, and my kids pediatrician...and absolutely NONE of them have any idea what it could be? The closest that two of the three came to is that it is a dietary issue....

******Leslie, my ONLY concern is that I only found ONE website where someone noted twitching from Splenda intake....So, what is the LIKELYHOOD that Splenda is even the culprit...especially when you figure in that what is the probability that my husband and I are being affected in the same exact manner with twitches? That's the only thing that makes me wonder if it is the splenda.....(big sigh)*******
You're right, it might not be the splenda....but, you have found a common denominator and I say go with it. One thing about splenda and MSG (monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer) is that the FDA knows there are side effects, but because humans do not have the same side effects from these compounds, they cannot put a warning on the label or remove the product. There has to be the same symptoms in everyone in order for the FDA to react and there clearly isn't. With the child I told you about, the doctor was amazed too and they never did find what it did to his system. They were just told he could never have it.

It is a shot in the dark, but my motto is: If a pregnant woman is warned not to consume a product, then I sure as hell am not going to consume it either! Good luck. Leslie

PS. I have seen on the home improvement shows that they look for the dampest place in the house, maybe a closet, and take a piece of sheetrock out to check. Keep thinking!
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