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May 17, 2007
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Update on Tim.

I told you he had went into the hospital a few weeks ago. He stopped breathing two times on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. He was on a breathing tube for three days. The Wednesday I was going up for my usual visit (everyday-all day) and update was the time to find out if he could breath on his own. I prayed so hard to walk in and see him breathing on his own. Guess What? I walked in and he was breathing on his own! Yes! The day after, the Speech Pathologist did a swallowing test. His swallowing was fine. Like a normal person. I couldn't have asked for more! While there he coincidently seen my Neuro. He recommended to Tim that he see Dr. Bassam the Doc. that studys underlying Neuromuscular Diseases. To have a second opinion done by a specialist in the field. The same one I went to. (that said I needed a Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium test done. that came back normal by the way). But I understand he can do a lot more research with Tim than me because of his progression. His appt. is March 28th. It takes a while to see the doc. I hope something positive comes out of this for Tim's sake.

Meanwhile he is very positive and has a great attitude. We just have to find the right transportation for him. It is hard for us to use a car anymore. My husband and I were going to try to get a Van. But, we found out we have a new roof and septic lines. But, I look at is if There is a will-There is a way!

I love my brother very, very much. I have so much empathy and heartfelt feelings for everyone having this disease and for the wonderful strength that the Care Givers show.

My Mom will problably read this, although she is not a member. Mom, I love you and my brothers. Thanks you so much for what you do for Timothy. You all amaze me. Love cannot get any deeper than what we give Timothy. Because we want to. The Love of a True Family is Awsome! I Love You, Mom.

I also would like to Thank all of you for the wonderful people you are. If you only knew what it means to have you here. You Guys and Gals are great.

And to the remarkable young woman that I have met here, that I hope I can help make a difference in her "Life". She knows who she is. You also are Awsome!

Thank you all for being a part of My and Tim's life!

Well I better go (as I jokingly say) before I ruin my reputation as being "Tough".

Glad to hear Tim's doing better Lorie. If anybody can figure out a transport problem it'll be you.
Hi Lorie,

Congratulations! When you view life from your positive perspective, you will continue to receive little jewels for which to be grateful. :-D

Hi Lorie- thanks for the update on Tim. It si a blessing that he is doing OK. Cindy
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