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May 17, 2007
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Angie with MDA of Alabama called me the other day. She said that WJTC will be calling me to set up the interview with us. I told her it couldn't come at a better time. And I told her about myself. She went silent. I told her it was ok. I can't speak as an ALS patient because I do not have a DX yet and I am not set up with them. But I have a lot to offer.
I was communicating with MDA of Alabama long before we brought Tim home to Alabama. They helped me in so many ways. If you are not set up with your State's MDA. You really need to.

Angie said we will air on the Alabama MDA Telethon locally and probably the State in May. Remember May is ALS Awareness month. They will also air us through out the Month of May. She said she would notify me about the National Telethon in October.

Now I am going to contact our local News Paper and other Local Media outlets. Maybe more people will become more aware about ALS. I also have some other things up my sleeve. I will let you know if they work out.

Tim and I are ready. Bring it on.

You go girl. We are behind you all the way.
MDA/ALS Interview

Tim and I will be Interviewed for the MDA/ALS on Monday May 12th at 2:00 PM by
WPMI-15 and will also be on their sister station WJTC-44. We are looking forward to this. We have a lot to say. And I will speak for all my ALS friends.

We will also find out if we will be selected to be aired for the National MDA Telethon.

I have no doubt you'll tell it like it is :-D

I am so happy that you are back! I feel a Cure coming on. Hang in there my friends.

hi lorie

is there any way they can put the interview on the web so we can watch it?
i would love to see you and tim and hear what you have to say.
god bless caroline:-D

welcome back, we have missed you, i hope you are ok and feeling better.
take good care.caroline:-D
If you ask them before hand for a DVD copy of the interview they will probably be glad to mail you one. If you have no other way, I can post the interview for you; so the people on the forum can see it and share in the experience with you and Tim.

We will be watching on TV.
Lorie- you are a wonderful advocate for ALS. Everyone here is thankful for all you do.

Jeff - welcome back!

I have asked for DVD's. They said no problem. I told them I would come pick them up. They are going to let me know the airing times. We will have it on here soon!

Thanks Capt. AL, I will let you know, if I need you to do it. Thank you! Do you get WPMI-15? We are so close in distance.

The Interview: The Anchor was not able to make it and she was upset because she wanted to do it. They sent a Producer that works behind the scenes. When we were through, She came to sit by me and was wiping tears from her eyes. She said it was such an Amazing, Emotional, Touching story. Tim had tears in his eyes at one point and I wiped them away with my hand. She said we were a wonderful family. I spoke a little about this disease either bringing familys together or tearing them apart. And many other things. She said she would be shocked if we didn't make the MDA NATIONAL Telethon. My brother Dale and Ron was here. They brought Tim out to my house on a mattress in Dale's van. Because we don't have a Handicap Van. Then we put him in his manual chair. He is awesome. Such inner Strength and Faith. I told him I was so proud of him.

My brothers said I was so confident and amazing. (they said I looked like a movie star).
That I will probably catch a lot of attention from this) I said: If it brings awareness and fundraising, most of all a CURE! for ALS. I am all for it. Thats the only way I want to be recognized. They said I will go a long way in helping ALS. That is my mission!

The producer told my brother Dale, he looked good for being dead. In a joking manner. He just laughed. They are going to do his story to. Another day. They may do a story on our family going through so much? We will see.

Thank all of you. I love you all so much. All of your are Amazing and mean so much to me. Stay tunned. We will get the interview on here just as soon as I get it.

Can't wait, Lorie! :-D
I'm so glad it went well for you and Tim. When I was on TV for the MDA here I was so nervous I could barley put a sentence together, so I guess that is why they did not ask me back.:-D:-D

We need someone like you who can convey what we all are feeling and get the publicity out there for all to see. Great Job Lorie and Tim. Be sure to tell Dale we are still praying for a complete recovery for him.

Send me an email and I will tell you about the posting of your video and how to link to it here on the forum, if you do not know how to do it.

I thought of all you and family are going through when I saw this picture. Gods' promise, The Rainbow, in the midst of a storm.
Capt. Al

Thank you soo much for the beautiful toughts and picture. That is exactly how it is! You and I are on the same page. I am so glad I have met you. (need to in person). I don't live too far from You and Marge.

Update on Interview: We are adding somethings to the profile that will surprise Tim. The producer and photographer are coming to my house at 10:30 in the morning. They are going to shoot some pictures of Tim and the Family before ALS. And I have a CD that Tim had demoed where he had written a song and had it copywrited. He use to write songs. That is his passion. I also have a book of songs he has written before ALS. I have his Bible, you can tell he struggled to open it. I can tell because his hands were bareley kept clean when he lived in WV.

I am sending the Anchor a letter. She was originally to do our interview and was disapointed not to be here. But she will be doing the story on TV. I am requesting like you said (and I had forgotten monday) to post this Forum Web site at the end of the interview. I told her how much you all mean to me. And that you all have become a part of my Family. They should, since we have been very patient with them changing the schedule and not having it done before May at the request of MDA.

Also, I am asking her to request that anyone who has a HandiCap wheelchair accessible Van to donate to Tim would be a Blessing. That we can no longer transport him by car.

( I told her how my brothers had to put Tim on a mattress in Dale's regular van with no AC just to get him to my house for the interview. That I can't take doing that to him. The Family cannot afford one due to all the other expenses. Surely someone out there with a big enough heart and access can donate one. I am Praying! I provided an E-Mail address for me for any replies.)

I will update as things come along.

That is so sad the way you have to transport Tim. I hope someone will step up and help him get a handicapped van soon. I know he needs it.

I think Tim will be thrilled to see the extra work they are putting into the interview video.
Lori- I may have a van for you.


We may have a suitable van for Tim. Can you give me some contact info so I can keep you informed?

I also want everyone to know that Sharon is working with the foundation and is a Godsend.

[email protected] OR ANGELS4AOL@COM
OFFICE: (949)488-9894
CELL: (949)233-3045
Monday Night

We will air Monday night at 10:00 PM Central Standard Time on NBC-15. It will be available on the news site after that. We wil be able to post the link.

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