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Feb 28, 2007
Loved one DX

I know I do not post alot on here, but both my husband and I have spent hours reading others posts. We live 600 miles from mom who was diagnosed with Upper Bulbar ALS February 2007. She soon lost her ability to speak, and had trouble swallowing food, especially her favorite, steak and fried catfish. But other than that, she seemed to hold her own for a while. By the way she was 74 years old when she was diagnosed.

We planned the family trip to Florida, her favorite place, and even though she always needed help getting up, she seemed to still be holding on. But the 1st day back after the trip, she slipped off her chair at work, yes she still worked, and broke her tail bone. And from that point, 07/23/2007 on, she just never stopped the slide.

Some went to visit labor Day, and we were going to visit a little later, but we got called 09/18/2007 and they told us to come, and fast. No one knew if she would hold on till we drove in.

She not only held on for us, but the grand son in law arrived a few days later. Then LSU won, and of course the Saints lost and she still hung on. She was so drugged from 09/18/2007 till the end, she never woke up coherent. But she did squeeze the granddaughters hand. We kept trying to figure out why she was hanging on, because it was just time for her to relax, but she made it until after my dads birthday.

Mom passed into peace, where she can talk, eat, swallow, and dance with my dad, on 09/26/2007. She was surrounded by love for 9 days, and had my Daughter and her husband with her when she went. We will miss her, but will remember all she taught us, both good and bad. And what a wonderful way to realize that our daughter is a very grown up wonderful adult who showed such love and compassion to her grandmother.

May the children of my mom live up to what the youth have shown as strength, faith, and love for one another.

This is a wonderful forum, and I will check in periodically, but I do need to take a few weeks break, if thats okay.

Thanks for all you have done, been through, and share from my family and my Mom's.
I'm very sorry your Mom passed away, but glad to know she was so courageous and had such loving support. Your family sounds so wonderful. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
bellard, may God bless you, and may your precious mom rest in peace! Please don't leave us! Take whatever break you need, but please come back! Prayers and God bless!

Of course it is OK to take a break, Bellard! I am very sorry to hear about your Mom. Your story of her passing is a nice tribute to her life. And you have done well to raise such a special young woman who can help her grandmother during her last transition. Please know that our thoughts are with you during these next few weeks and months. Cindy
Bellard: I am so sorry to hear about your loss. This illness is absolutely terrible. My mom was 75 when she was officially diagnosed with motorneuron disease with bulbar symptoms (diagnosed June 2006). She passed away on September 21st. I am sure your mom and my mom are now in peace without this terrible illness. I am just sad because I don't have her here anymore and I cannot touch and hold her and tell her how much we all love her. I got alot of support from this forum for the past year and I thank everyone one of them. Anne
I too want to send my thoughts and prayers your way. I hope I will be able to have as much composure and peace as you when the time comes for me to be in your shoes with my mom (who's story is much like yours), which I'm afraid may not be too far away.
God bless you and your family with overwhelming peace and understanding,
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