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Apr 14, 2004

Please visit your local websites for information on your local walks. These events are key to raise awareness and fundraising.

In Ontario, go to [www.alsont.ca and click on events. There are four walks in the Greater Toronto Area taking place on Saturday June 9,2007.

I am a coordinator along side Lee and Al for the Brampton Walk. All interested parties can contact us via the website information, email us at [email protected], or chat will Al on-line.

All you have to do is give us your address and I will mail out pledge forms.


Thank you.

Hi there, We are in N.J. and are walking again this year. Our event will be at Seaside Park, N.J. My son-in-law Jack will be saying a few words and will be the Ribbon Cutter to start off the Walk. We walk for The Greater Philadelphia Chapter. If you go to Jack's web page all info is there. Good Luck to you and my very Best to all, Beebe
I was waiting to get the info on the walks...plan on doing it this summer for my mother in law
I just got the newsletter in the mail yesterday and I'm reading it and who to my surprise do I see....Al! Great pic Al and they are right about you being here for anyone and everyone. Keep up the good work!
I would like to plan a walk in my city, Elmira, NY. I saw an obituary in the paper the other day of a 43-year-old man, who lived in my city and died of als. The population here is about 30,000 and most have no idea what als is. There are no support groups, no MDA, no neuromuscular clinics, 1 neurologist. You can see how horrible it would be to live here and have als. So, can anyone give me advise as to how to get started planning this? There is an MDA about an hour from here and they are just putting together a support group to begin in that city, Binghamton, NY. Should I contact them or would that do me no good for my city? Thanks for any input. Leslie
Cindy - I can't believe I didn't think of that! That is a really informative site. Looks like it could be a lot of work, so I am going to contact the MDA about an hour from here and see what they say. Thanks for your help! Leslie
Good idea, Leslie. I hope things wrok out for you! Cindy
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