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Apr 24, 2024
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Hi! I am 41 yr old female. This month I have had a normal Nero clinical exam and all normal blood tests. In March I had normal mri of head and spine. My symptoms have been going on everyday for the last 3 months. Some days sensations are worse than others. I have some foot, hand, calf cramps. Twitching everyday pretty much 24/7. A lot in my calves. Some of the twitches I can’t see only feel. I also get twitches all through my body, my arms, back, lip, chest, even in my butt, some of the time they are just like one twitch then move on, but my calves will last longer. Today I am experiencing one in my inner thigh/knee area that is really big and persistent. Like never bow free. There are areas that the twitches like to come back to. So yes it’s all over my body but in a lot of the same areas. Also I feel like exercise can make the worse. My calf’s can go crazy after. I feel twinges or tingles in fingers and feet sometimes.(pins and needles) I also feel like a buzzing, crawling, and almost like Electric feeling in my legs and sometimes other places. sometimes a water feeling in certain area of legs. I have been having extreme anxiety for the last 3 months with all these symptoms as well as night sweats. My hand go numb slot at night as well. I not sure if these are sign of early ALS on set?

Please make sure to read here first: Read Before Posting, as it provides a fair amount of information about twitching and why sensory issues point away from ALS, and also provides some guidelines about posting.

What does your doctor say about your twitching? A clinical exam can provide information about what the issue might be. Have they observed clinical weakness?
Thank you for your response. Thank you for sharing. The Dr. said no clinical weakness. A normal Nero exam. He just said as now all looks good. This does not put my mind at ease.
If they think you have ALS, you would likely hear “We can’t rule out ALS at this point.” This is what a doctor told my husband at his first EMG. A couple months later, at the second EMG, the neurologist told us that he suspected ALS and sent us to promptly be seen by an ALS specialist for an official diagnosis. If you’re not hearing that, then you’re probably okay.
Update… Hi! I was recommended for emg. Performed on left leg, right arm, and back. All normal. I have been so overly concerned with all my sensory issues, I failed to talk to the DR. About my swallowing issues, pills getting stuck, food going down slower. I feel like am not talking the best all the time, but family says it fine. Would my emg have picked something up in the bublar region if I were experiencing symptoms all over. Thank you!
You had a normal exam Family thinks your speech is fine you had symptoms in your extremitoes and a normal emg in your extremities. You are good to go. Congratulations
Thank you for your reply. I very much appreciate it!
I have a question about my emg, I do still have body wide twitching as well as the other symptoms listed about. I have been having a lot of neck, jaw soreness, feels week, yawning a lot, along with some swallowing issues. Would you recommend an emg in bulbar area? Or since I have twitching in limbs and that is where the emg was done, should that be enough? All these weird symptoms have definitely increased my stress level. Thank you!

Should also mention I do have twitching in tongue and neck.

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Nikki already answered this question. A bilateral clean limb EMG in multiple regions should reassure you that ALS isn't on the table given the issues you have stated (and again, widespread twitching is another strong argument against).

Sleep can be a big part of this picture, and if yours hasn't been all that, I'd look seriously at ways to de-stress and get your rest.
Ok, thank you! Just wanted to get some extra advice since I have been experiencing some more bublar type issues. I appreciate your time and response! Thank you!

So just to confirm with all my symptoms going there is no reason to believe I have either onset?

Hi! One last question….. would bublar ALS cause all the symptoms in my extremities? I have read the bublar onset you can get clean emg? Just feeling overly concerned with all these symptoms in bublar region. Any advice would help! And much appreciated! Thanks!

Also a lot of mucus stuck in back of throat

It's really important you believe the doctors, the clean emg and the reassurance already provided here. If you are struggling with that, return to the doctor to provide you direct feedback based on an examination of the areas you are concerned about, see if they note any changes and then believe them when they clear you. Please also re-read the advice and reassurance both Laurie and Nikki have provided.

Your symptomatic areas were examined and tested did not show signs of ALS. If you are still struggling with other symptoms, please return to your doctor and ask what might be done to relieve symptoms. You are assuming ALS, which is not correct, and may be getting in the way of finding relief.

Take care
Thank you very much for the response! I will re read all posted, and make a follow up with my DR. as well. I really do appreciate all of the responses! This these symptoms have caused some major anxiety for me, it has helped to get feed back from you all. Very appreciated!
Thank you!
One last question….
Hi! Update So I did follow up with my doctor, who performed another clinical exam. No changes, all normal.
I also saw an ENT who put the camera through my nose to look at my throat, all looked good. Thinking LPR. Starting acid reflux meds.
Just one question that is still getting me… my neck muscles are very tight and feel very weak and get easily fatigued. As well as other bublar like symptoms mentioned earlier. I guess I just can’t shake the feeling that something more is going on. Do you think I should request a bulbar emg or does this not sound like anything bulbar related?!
I recently find out my hormones are crazy out of wack, but I am not sure this would affect the bublar area. Thanks again for your time!
Also a lot more twitching in neck. Shoulders also get week
Crazy hormone levels can affect a lot of things, including how you see your physical issues. For sure, get these under control w/ your doc.

Again, a clean limb EMG with everything you have talked about takes bulbar onset ALS off the table. Along with the meds, sleep, stress, diet all play a big role in LPR and those are the real places to focus on.

No, I do not see any reason for a bulbar region EMG. For the neck/shoulder issues, I would see a massage therapist. Sometimes this area just needs some professional love, if you will. But equally, this is one of the first places stress goes to live.