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Sep 20, 2004
Hi, i'm 25 and a mother of 2. I've had strange symptoms since I was 20 but the symptoms haven't progressed until now. I saw some doctors when I was about 21 or 22 but then gave up cuz I was getting no where. I have muscle twitching all over my body but i'm use to it now, it's hard to breath in the hot humid weather, my lungs get very tired. My swallowing is different now and I have to articulate my speach more now although i'm quite good at changing the positions of my tongue now. Anyways, just came here to share what i've been going through. I have much to live for, my children are my world! I was scared years ago but since it's moving so slowly I don't worry that much now. I take Paxil for anxiety now so i'm not so fearful. :)
ALS is not the only diagnosis from these symptoms. You should be referred to a neurologist to find out. You'll have to ask your family doc to do this.
Good Luck...

I definitely know the fear you must have. Definitely have a neurologist run you through some tests. Also, see if you can be referred to a nuero-psychologist for testing. This kind of doctor will give a great perspective on you physically as well as emotionally. How is the Paxil working? Have you had any relief of symptoms? Don't let it discourage you if the doctor's don't find anything. It is normal for it to take awhile for diagnosis. If it's not ALS, just be thankful, no matter what it turns out to be. I am speaking from personal experience. -me-
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