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Sep 27, 2006
Hi all,

I am posting this in hopes that it may help someone else that is at the beginning of their diagnosis. I will try to stay emotionally neutral as I write this.

If you have a Long Term Disability Insurance policy with your employer, get out the summary of benefits and read it NOW. Get with your HR department and get things in writing, perhaps by email. This will document your trail of contacts made with them.

My husband has been communicating with his HR dept. since Feb. to get the ball rolling on receiving benefits. They've know since 09/06 that he has ALS. In Feb. they had a national sales meeting and honored him twice, one for sales and one for dedication/working with ALS/having to retire. At this time the HR lady spoke to him in person...don't worry I'll take care of everything, etc...He retired 03/30/07.

Long story short- benefits are supposed to start 07/07. Haven't received one document to fill out for physician. HR has avoided our phone calls and lied to me personally about "going to send you an email with forms to fill out"...

Today, his regional manager called and left a msg re: I am sorry, this isn't the way we had planned it...waiting for an answer. Will call you when I find out. Someone dropped the ball.

So, this is what I've found out: Called Insurance Commissioner in our state- they can't do anything. If insurance wasn't being paid they could. But insurance hasn't even been filed for.

They referred me to a federal organization "Employee Benefit Security Admin." As hubby's LTD policy reads, the company has 90 days to file and his waiting period is 90 days. So they can file on day 89 if they want. If they don't file after 90 days they will be in violation of federal law and we will have to call the organization back. And if he didn't have a Roth to fall back on where would we be? We still have to do the paper work and get with the docs.

Just want to let anyone know, so you can really stay on top of HR with LTD policy requirements.

Sorry, wasn't really long story short!:evil:

Just had to VENT

I understand completely. I left the Post Office in 9/06 and have not received my first check. I actually received the paperwork today telling me how much I would receive. Thank God I had STD that kicked in after 30 days. It's a hassle having to get all the forms filled out. I was having to fill out a form every month for STD and mail it in, I think
when they realized my condition would not get better they quit sending it. I hope things get better for you. Take Care, Rhonda
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