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Oct 24, 2009
Lost a loved one
Hi Guys!
Thought you would like to know about the following media events:

Thought you all might like to tune in!

We invite you to watch the CBS broadcast of 60 Minutes entitled "21st Century Snake Oil", at 7 PM EDT (6 PM CDT) on Sunday, April 18. It is an expose of unproven stem cell therapies. ALS WORLDWIDE is proud to have assisted 60 Minutes in bringing this important information to the forefront of public awareness. More than four months ago, ALS WORLDWIDE was contacted by producers from the acclaimed CBS news program 60 Minutes to assist them in an undercover assignment. During this time, we have tracked and helped organize the comings and goings of patients, fraudulent doctors, clinics and middlemen to provide 60 Minutes with information necessary to help them complete this startling documentary.

As you may know, Stephen Byer has been very active for over eight years in the delineation between quality, state of the art stem cell therapeutic approaches for the treatment of ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases vs. the questionable, unproven and frequently dangerous subset of marketers who prey upon the unsuspecting and vulnerable patient community. Steve has frequently addressed both scientific and patient audiences on this subject. ALSWW is currently writing and publishing "The Patient Guide to Stem Cell Therapies, 2010-11 Edition" planned for distribution at the World Stem Cell Summit in Detroit October 4-6, 2010.


Watch the Williams Family on

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

Sunday, May 16, on ABC

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" built a new house for high school football coach Jeremy Williams and his family. Williams is the coach who led Greenville High to the second round of the state playoffs while battling ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.
This exicting episode will air on Sunday, May 16, on ABC. Please check your local listing for show times and visit Watch Full Episodes Online - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - for more information on the show.

The ALS Association of Georgia was there for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 'reveal' and watched as the Williams Family saw their home for the first time. Please click here to visit the ALS Association of Georgia's FaceBook page and see photographs from this emotional day.

It is always good when ALS makes its way to national TV! Thought I would give everyone a heads up so we can check it out!

Hugs, Kari
Kari..thanks for keeping us all updated. I am hoping that these shows will show the real "ALS" not the drama made for tv 'ALS". However, any exposure is good exposure....
Hope you are well.
Yea, I think the thing on Sunday night should be good. I had to copy and paste a lot of this information that was sent to me. (only some of it is actually my words..but you could probably tell that one! haha) I marked my calendar for the one in May. We shall see what is what!
Hugs, Kari
Unbelievable. Thumbs up to 60 minutes for exposing this jerk! Of course we had to hear about the 5 one point I heard 2-3 years but I am happy that he was called out!
I am watching 60 minutes on the computer as I type. Grrrr. These are the people who make me a skeptic... and an angry one
WOW! I AM PISSED! Did you all watch 60 minutes? They said that Mexican officials stated that stem-cell therapies are not authorized in Mexico for the treatment of ALS! It's all a big rip off?! Poor Shane the Pain, and what about Clipped Wings who was thinking about it too. If you go on the thread about Monterrey Mexico - New hope with stem cells and go through it page by page, you will see sketchy people who came on there, and it was their first post to report how well someone they knew was doing. Creepy scammers in have made their way to our forum people! After watching 60 minutes, we can see why Grandpa Al is so protective! There should be a special place in hell for people who take other peoples money and sell them false hope just to line their own pockets! Now, I am not against people who volunteer to be guinea pigs for treatments. What people want to try and perhaps the results can help others is great, but what I CANNOT stand is the people out there to make a buck who KNOW full well that they were full of BS, and then to top it off they prey upon those who have already tragically been faced with the diagnosis of ALS! I am really upset by this about Monterrey. I wonder if Shane saw the show. How is Shane doing anyway, we have not heard from him in a while. I know he had to have someone else type for him as of a few months ago. Has anyone heard?
Hugs to all, and still not giving up hope!
Kari, I heard from him about a month ago, before he had his PEG, and then again after the PEG, which went fine. HUGS Lori
I have read some discussion about this at another site, and it appears that the scam exposed by 60 Minutes is different from the one that Shane and others are trying. It is confusing because both are in Monterrey, Mexico.

Now there were a couple of points mentioned in the report that might raise questions about the other treatment center. As Keri said, they quoted a Mexican official as saying stem cell treatments were not approved. It's not clear whether he was talking specifically about the hospital where the scammers were working, or more generally. Also, an American stem cell researcher said that injecting stem cells from blood into the brain or spinal cord would not turn them into neurons. But I think this is indeed what the treatment is supposed to do that several PALS here and in other forums have tried.

Another stem cell researcher commented that not all stem cell clinics are frauds. However he cautioned that there is no legitimate scientific basis for the stem cell treatments presently available. He said that the clinics out there run the gamut from basically uncontrolled human experimentation with little scientific justification, all the way to outright scams such as the one shown in this report.

I did find it quite amazing that the scammer refused to back down (although his "surgeon" partner with the fake MD degree did turn against him in a heartbeat, pretty funny). He was pretty persuasive in his calm certainty that he was helping PALS. I could see how he had been so successful in ripping people off.
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