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two face spade

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Mar 1, 2007
My user name before was jcyang

I have to apologize for my behaviour before. My tone was immature, and unprofessional. I regret what I said.

I know that my account was banned, plus my IP address was forbidden from this forum. It doesn't matter... I've learned my lesson.

The project I pitched to you all last day, is complete.

I had the presentation with Joanne, head of communications for ALS Society BC today. I have also heard that some people asked where they could get a hold of the project? I'm flattered, because I know all of your hearts are in the right place. But you don't need to get a hold of the project... Giving a prayer to a PAL is free... and requires nothing but a heart.

Eitherway, this will be my only post.
I would like to thank AL for being so patient with my behaviour.

Adios caregivers, PALS, anyone connected to ALS. Have Hope Have Faith :)
Sorry things didn't work out. Take care. AL.
It takes a certain amount of self esteem and courage to apologize and offering one is very grown up behavior. Good luck in your future endeavors. Cindy
Having forgiveness is one of the things that I have had a hard time dealing with, especially with some vicious acts that people have committed. I have to say that the people on this forum are some of the nicest and most helpful people who will reach out to help anybody. I think this person was unbelievably vicious in the things he had to say. I really read his post and my mouth was just hanging in disbelief. I think the people who can reply to his post with kind words are the nicest people ever!
Not just nice, Leslie. Maybe a little practical and lazy, to boot. It takes a lot of energy to maintain resentment and anger. I'm way too tired for all that. :-D Cindy
Plus we are all dealing with stress, either from being a caregiver or a PALS or a person with ALS hanging over our heads. I have met some individuals on this forum, like yourself, who manage that stress with grace and good manners. Others are not so fortunate.
The person seemed abusive to me and probably will have problems until he/she gets some help with it. I just have no tolerance for abusive people whatsoever. You can probably tell I have seen it before!
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