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Feb 27, 2006
I finished running four miles this morning. I decided to check out the site since the computer was on. I then noticed that my forefinger (pointing finger?) kept twitching. More like the muscle that controls it kept twitching for several seconds. I went to the doctors yesterday. I will be seeing a specialist soon. I had a muscle reflex last year and things turned out to be normal. I have the same, but worst, twitiching now. However, things were fine for months after that test.

My brother was diagnosed with bulbar ALS two years ago at the age of 26. His hans are now basically muscle free. I fear that this may happen to me as well. Has anybody had any experience with the type of twitching that I am talking about? Also, my forearms get really tired fast now. Sore like. Anything, you think?

This site and the people who participate are a blessing. I pray for everyone's health. ALS is a vicious monster. I have always been able to fight my way through obstacles, but this one doesn't even let you fight. If it did, I know that I will win. I know that there is nothing that the Lord and I cannot do or handle together.

God Bless.

PS-I wrote a few things about my brother and a few articles have been written about him. I also have a myspace account in his honor. Check them out:
Manuel - I tried to access your myspace, but couldn't find it. Could you post a link? You and your brother seem so close and have been through so much. Don't give up. Leslie
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